Marks & Spencer Percy Pumpkins Review

Marks & Spencer Percy Pumpkins Review

So All Hallows Eve, or Halloween is nearly upon us...what better way to celebrate than with a Percy Pig review? Not just any Percy Pig of course, but Percy Pig with a spooky makeover! Yep, the "soft gums made with real fruit juice" are now pretty terrifying - the famous pig has been transformed into a bizarre pig-pumpkin hybrid!

Marks & Spencer Percy Pumpkins Review

There's three colours: orange, pink and green. The green ones taste of apple whilst the others are orange and strawberry.

Marks & Spencer Percy Pumpkins Review

As you can see all three are pretty scary - certainly not pigs you'd like to meet on a dark night! Luckily that's where the "tricks" end...the "treat" is in the taste - they are as fruity, juicy and downright delicious as you'd expect from Percy Pigs. The addition of the apple flavoured ones makes for a very welcome change and I enjoyed them a lot. The strawberry ones are classic pink Percy Pigs whilst the orange are very fruity.

If you need some special sweets for Haloween this year, these are highly recommended - just make sure to keep them all to yourself and don't give them to the trick-or-treaters!


  1. Ooh! I love Percy Pigs! Great review, will definitely have to pick these up when I am next in M&S


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