Marks & Spencer Cookie Dough Bites Review

Marks & Spencer Cookie Dough Bites

A big thankyou to Marks and Spencer Food PR for sending me a box of chocolate treats to review recently. I've already reviewed the Salted Caramel Mini Whips and Belgian Chocolate Wafer Bites, and now it's the turn of the Cookie Dough Bites! These have of course been around for quite some time now (my old pally Reaching For Refreshment reviewed them back in 2016) so I as wondering if these had changed at all since then.

You can of course pick these up in Marks and Spencer stores for £2 in their confectionery aisles - they're described as "Milk chocolate and dark biscuit crumb with a soft white chocolate and biscuit filling".

Marks & Spencer Cookie Dough Bites

Now, once again with these being cookie dough containing gluten I couldn't eat them myself...much as I wanted to. So I passed them onto a friend who gave me his verdict.

They smelled delicious, of course, with an unmistakable aroma that is the usual high quality we're used to from M&S chocolate. Nothing new there. The filling is chewy and fudgey, with a hint of white chocolate and little nuggets of crunchy biscuit added in. Very rich and moreish! They're super chunky, so make a very substantial indulgent snack.

Overall, these Cookie Dough Bites got a big thumbs up and a good comparison would be to the Maltesers Truffles now available - there's a similar creamy malty texture going on, although these are probably better since they're better quality. If you love cookie dough - definitely give them a try!

8.5 out of 10.


  1. Ooh I just tried the Maltesers Truffles and they are delicious so I need to grab a bag of these - they were out of stock in my local store when I went last week so I'll have to pop back and check again (and buy anther bag of the marzipan balls if they don't have these).


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