Marks and Spencer Mindanao Island Dark Chocolate

Marks and Spencer Mindanao Island Dark Chocolate

Following my review of the M&S Single Origin 100% Cocoa Dark Chocolate last week, today we have something perhaps a little more palatable to those not used to sugar free chocolates, a Single Estate 72% cocoa bar from Mindanao Island in the Phillipines. This bar is part of the new range at M&S which also includes a single origin White Chocolate bar.

Marks and Spencer Mindanao Island Dark Chocolate

The bar is thinner than other bars M&S usually do, no doubt due to the need to charge more for less since these are from single estate cocoa growers. And to be honest that's no bad thing - the taste is much better than any average dark chocolate!

For a 72% bar this was very flavourful, with an almost honey like taste as well as some sharper fruity cocoa flavours. I enjoyed every bite and savoured it since the bar was quite small. And despite being small I felt like I'd gotten a lot more compared to the larger dark bars.

Overall, if you're a dark chocolate lover I would highly recommend giving this one a try - the flavour might just surprise you!

8.5 out of 10.


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