Botonique Botanical Drink For Wine Lovers

Botonique Botanical Drink

Today's review is something a bit different, and not something I feature as much of compared to snacks - a fizzy drink! But not just any fizzy drink, rather, a botanical drink with added vitamins designed for wine lovers - minus the alcohol! Its "made by and for very positive people but there are some antis we favour: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxins, anti-dehydration".

Botonique Botanical Drink

The drink contains an array of vitamins and flavours extracted from herbs, spices, citrus, milk thistle, minerals and amino acids. There's no added sugar, sweeteeners or sulphites, just pear juice to give it a light delicate sweetness.

Botonique Botanical Drink

I chilled the bottle and poured it out into one of my fancy cocktail glasses, to get the full benefit. I'm not a wine drinker and rarely use it so this felt like a special rare occasion indeed. I took a sip - it's just the right level of fizziness. The flavour is subtle and definitely botanical, which I loved.

I was a big fan of those botanical drinks called Aqua Libra as a kid, and this reminded me of it very much, but more subtle and with a nicer refreshing edge. I can see why it's aimed at wine lovers - it does have that "special" flavour like a fine wine rather than a plain old fizzy spritzer. I think I could even feel the vitamin extracts working their magic on me...I was definitely in a better mood after a glass, and that's without any alcohol! Result!

Overall, while I'm not a wine snob so can't compare this to the real stuff, it is definitely a nice drink for anyone who is health conscious and looking for some added vitamins. It feels "special" enough to be a treat, without being unhealthy at all. Plus - there's only 17 calories per glass!

8 out of 10. 

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  1. Sounds good. Where did you buy it? Approx price?

    1. They sent it to me to review, not sure of price but I believe it's sold on

  2. I get mine from them directly,


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