Marks & Spencer Belgian Milk Chocolate & Peanut Ice Creams

Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate & Peanut Ice Creams

I may not be The Peanut Butter Queen - that title goes to Nibbles & Scribbles - but I certainly had to try these new Dessert Menu Belgian Milk Chocolate and Peanut Ice Creams when they appeared in Marks & Spencer recently, along with other varieties such as Milk Chocolate & Cappuccino and Stem Ginger. They're suitable for vegetarians and described as "Roasted peanut ice cream with a toffee ripple coated in Belgian milk chocolate and roasted peanut pieces". They cost £2.80 for a box of three. You can also buy them in single sticks if your M&S is lucky enough to have them in.

Marks & Spencer Belgian Milk Chocolate & Peanut Ice Creams

They look pretty similar to a Magnum in size and appearance, with the roasted peanut pieces visibly embedded in the chocolate.

Marks & Spencer Belgian Milk Chocolate & Peanut Ice Creams

Taking a bite, there's a nice savoury flavour from the peanut ice cream, with a thin layer of toffee ripple running through it. The chocolate is top quality, rich yet creamy and far better than anything most supermarkets make. The peanut pieces add a nice bit of crunch and are very tasty. I do wish there had been more of the toffee ripple - it tasted nice but there wasn't enough to get a proper indulgent feel from it.

Overall, these are good ice creams from M&S, with high quality ingredients. They're not quite the peanutty indulgent explosion I was hoping for, although I guess it's always going to be difficult to get that with an ice cream stick. I would still recommend them though, they're as good as the Magnum Peanut Butter Double for sure.

Nutrition (per 79g stick): 296 Calories, 19.1g Fat, 26g Carbohydrates, 25.7g Sugars, 4.5g Protein.

8 out of 10.


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