Haagen Dazs White Chocolate & Almond Ice Cream Bar

Haagen Dazs White Chocolate & Almond Ice Cream Bar

I've been eyeing up the new Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Bar range for a while now; they're currently on offer in Tesco and Asda and already I've tried the Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Mango & Raspberry varieties. Next on my list to try was this - the White Chocolate & Almond Bar. As fate would have it I happened to find a single boxed stick for a mere 29p in my local Heron Foods just the other day. What a bargain!

Haagen Dazs White Chocolate & Almond Ice Cream Bar

Like the other bars in this range it has a somewhat curved shape, which is a nice touch and makes it feel more special. It's described as "Vanilla ice cream with Belgian white chocolate and caramelised almond pieces".

Haagen Dazs White Chocolate & Almond Ice Cream Bar

Taking a bite, the white chocolate is perfectly creamy and delicious, with a lovely hint of vanilla. The ice cream is soft and refreshing, not overly milky like some ice creams can be. The caramelised almond pieces are what really sets this bar apart though - they're delicious! They bring a perfect sweet, savoury and nutty flavour and also add some much needed crunchy texture.

This ice cream is an absolute delight, and dare I say it is my favourite from the range that I've tried so far, with the Salted Caramel being a close second. I just need to try the Vanilla Caramel Almond bars now - I have a feeling they may be the best ones yet!

9 out of 10.


  1. 29p! I just... 29p! That's amazing for ANY ice cream, nevermind something that looks as good as this one. Well done you!


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