Ritter Sport Macadamia Nut Perfection

Ritter Sport Macadamia Milk Chocolate

Recently there's been a glut of reduced price Ritter Sport bars in my local shops and market stalls, I'm not sure why but it's certainly nice to be able to buy cheap and great quality chocolate! One product I've been eager to try for a while and finally got the chance to was this Macadamia bar, part of the "Nut Perfection" range from Ritter, with the "queen of nuts" in apline milk chocolate.

I'm a bit funny with macadamia nuts, they have been known to make The Hand swell in the past, so needless to say I was a bit wary of trying this bar!

Ritter Sport Macadamia

Like all Ritter Sport bars it comes in a perfectly shaped square block with the logo imprinted on each piece.

Ritter Sport Macadamia Nut Perfection

The macadamia nuts are abundant throughout; there's fairly large chunks of them amongst the blocks. 

Ritter Sport Macadamia Milk Chocolate

And they really dominated the bar! This is a good thing because you have the buttery flavour of the macadamias complimented by the creamy milk chocolate, rather than the other way around. The combination works beautifully and it's nice to have more of a nut dominated bar instead of small bits of chopped nut. Luckily I had no rogue hand-swelling from this bar either...result!

Overall, I really enjoyed this bar from Ritter Sport and would definitely buy it again. Hopefully it becomes more wide available, and please Ritter, do a white chocolate version too?!

8 out of 10.


  1. I've making a trip to the UK soon and am desperate to try some Ritter chocolate! Which supermarket would you recommend for the best variety? Thanks

    1. The Co OP sells a few varieties, and Sainsbury's is also very good - they sell Ritter Sports coconut bar. Waitrose also stocks a few of their bars and some are available in Poundland.

  2. i would try this one! have you tried this? it is good??

  3. ohh yess you have tried this and would like to have it again. i will try thisssss!! yehaaaa


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