Aldi Foodie Market Paleo Bars: Macadamia & Coconut

aldi foodie market paleo bar macadamia coconut

Aldi have launched a new range of snack bars inspired by The Paleo Diet, and not only are they gluten, dairy and refined sugar free they're suitable for vegans and vegetarians too. Making them very suitable for #Veganuary and the flexitarians amongst us!

aldi foodie market paleo bar macadamia coocnut

The bars are similar to The Primal Pantry's Paleo bars, only you get 5 bars per multipack for £1.99 - considerably cheaper than what Tesco charge for a multipack of three Primal Pantry bars at £2.99! This variety is made with ingredients like macamadia nuts, dates, coconut, and almond oil and is cold pressed, making it a raw bar too.

aldi foodie market paleo bar

There's slogans on the wrappers such as "Satisfaction for your inner caveman" and "Snacking like our forefathers"...I'm not sure cavemen really did sit around scoffing bars like this, but let's go with it!

aldi foodie market paleo bar

The bars tasted very yummy, and I enjoyed them even more than The Primal Pantry bars. Chewy, moist and satisfying, with some nice chunky bits of macadamia nut throughout. They were just the right texture, not as soft as a Nakd bar and maybe not as firm as The Primal Pantry bars. In other words; just right! 

Overall, these are some good bars from Aldi and certainly better value than similar offerings from other companies. I would happily buy them again when in need of a healthier snacking fix! Stay tuned for a review of the Brazil Nut and Cherry variety...

Nutrition Information (per bar): 12g Fat, 19g Carbohydrates, 16g Sugars, 3g Protein.

8.5 out of 10.


  1. Tried a couple today.

    Excellent taste, texture and value.

  2. Love them but worried about the 'hidden ' sugar via the whopping date percentage ?

  3. You lost me at "very yummy". Are you a 7 year old from Sesame Street?

    1. No, but neither am I a rude bitch.

  4. They'll me made with the cheap dates that are soaked in glucose syrup. I guess all these bars are. Even the more expensive brands. If they weren't they would surely be labelled "natural unsweetened dates". That said the one I just rammed meant I wont be stopping for a chunky kitkat on the way home. Has to be slightly better

  5. The brazil nut and cherry ones have disappeared :(


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