Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted Minis

cadbury creme egg twisted minis

Merry Easter everyone! Yes, true to style my first review of the year is in stark contrast to all the festive goodies of the last few weeks, and is Easter-themed. Seems like the chocolate companies see our holidays as a never-ending sugar conveyor belt...but hey ho, who am I to rain on their parade?!

If anyone remembers it, Creme Egg Twisted was actually a bar version of Cadbury Creme Egg that was brought out a few years go, and previous to that is was Dairy Milk with Creme Egg. Basically it's a chocolate shell with a thick layer of Creme Egg goo within it...and likely to give you diabetes! They mysteriously disappeared, to reappear as a mini version in Cadbury Heroes, and have now been given their very own sharing bag.

Like regular Creme Eggs, these aren't made with Dairy Milk chocolate but are vegetarian friendly, described as "Milk chocolates with a soft fondant centre (40%)". They're in Asda at the moment for £1 but no doubt other shops will be stocking them soon.

cadbury creme egg twisted minis

I wasn't expecting them to be individually wrapped, but I guess it's because they're using the exact same ones they put in Cadbury Heroes.

cadbury creme egg twisted

I cut one open, revealing the glossy goo. I'm sure it's a lot "stickier" than I remember Creme Egg goo used to be...maybe it's the fructose syrup?

cadbury creme egg twisted minis

It tasted as expected - super duper sweet, and likely to rot your teeth. It was overkill in fact, and lacking the charm of a regular Creme Egg which is satisfying to bite into. This is pretty much just gooey fondant icing coated in chocolate. Good if you need an urgent sugar boost but not particularly enjoyable.

Overall, I can't really recommend these Creme Egg Twisted minis, just buy the real thing! (even if it isn't as good as it used to be!)

Nutrition (per 2 chocolates): 98 Calories, 3.8g Fat, 15g Carbohydrates, 14g Sugars, 0.8g Protein. 

Ingredients: Milk, sugar, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, glucose fructose syrup, whey powder, cocoa mass, vegetable fats, emulsifiers, humectant, colour, flavourings. 

6 out of 10.


  1. You're always really generous with your markings.. I'd give the a 2! Haha xx

    1. Hmmm maybe you're right! I'm going to have to be a lot harsher I think... xx


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