Nakd Cocoa Mint Bar Review

I do love me a good Nakd bar. They're launching a new premium range soon called Nakd Posh Bits and I for one am super excited! So much so I thought it about time I review their Cocoa Mint bar to tide everyone over until the new range arrives. I'd been recommended this bar by the lovely Vegan Queen Erin aka Guilt Free Veggie but alas it was hard to find. Most shops didn't sell it, but luckily I chanced upon a bar hiding in a corner of Waitrose...huzzah!

Of course it's all raw, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, but not know the drill by now if you're familiar with Nakd bars ;) 

What it isn't free of however is flavour! Like all Nakd bars it's mostly dates and cashews "smooshed together", with a nice kick of cocoa and mint flavouring. Now often bars like this only taste vaguely of chocolate, I don't know why, but this bar felt like it had got the flavour just has a nice earthy cocoa flavour, balanced with the refreshing mint. It's satisfying, tasty, and filling enough to stop you reaching for unhealthy sugary treats. I'd definitely buy one again, although maybe not if the delicious Nakd Pecan Pie was nearby! 

Overall, a tasty bar that straddles the line between "treat" and "healthy" quite nicely...definitely worth a try! 

8.5 out of 10.


  1. the cocoa orange is my favourite nakd bar! absolutely delicious


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