Marks & Spencer Bubbly Milk Chocolate Bar

Recently Marks and Spencer have reduced the price of a lot of bars in their chocolate range, a mysterious move for them since they usually charge over the odds for most of their products. I've heard rumors it may be due to the loss of their regular supplier Thorntons, now that they've been bought out by Ferrero. Whatever the reason, it's meant that I've had the chance to try more of their bars than I usually would recently, and the latest I've sampled was this Bubbly Milk Chocolate bar, described simply as a "milk chocolate bar filled with bubbly aerated milk chocolate". It cost just £1 which is around the same price as a large milk chocolate Aero, quite the bargain for M&S!

The bar has an interesting curvy block design, with bubble shapes dotted throughout.

Splitting it apart revealed quite a chunky bar, with a thinner layer of bubbly chocolate in the middle.

Biting into it, the chocolate quality was excellent; creamy and smooth with a good cocoa flavour. It was a lot tastier than an Aero or even a Cadbury Wispa. However the bubbles didn't provide much bubbly texture...there were far too few of them, the solid base and top layers of the bar were far more prominent. I did enjoy this bar, but it didn't really live up to what it promised.

Overall, a good quality chocolate bar from M&S, that falls a bit flat in the bubble department...

7.5 out of 10.


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