Thorntons Fabulous Fudge Pots Toffee

As a little birthday treat recently, I decided to spoil myself and give these new desserts from Thorntons a try. Thorntons are the masters of toffee and fudge, so combine that with "real Devon clotted cream" and surely they're onto a winner?!

The desserts cost £1.50 at Tesco and are described as "fudge mousse with a layer of toffee fudge dessert". Each pot contains 65g which is small, but they're so tasty and rich this is a good amount. Naturally though, I ate both in one me piggy, but I can't imagine many people would eat just one pot!

It was a little difficult to distinguish between the layers as both are the same color, but the fudge layer had a nice sticky texture and was full of rich butterscotch flavour, whilst the mousse was smoother and lighter but equally as tasty. These are very indulgent desserts indeed, and far nicer than the similar Pots of Joy from Cadbury.

Overall, these are a win from Thorntons, I just wish I'd bought the chocolate variety as well!

RATING: 8 out of 10. 

Gluten free, contains maize starch. Not suitable for vegetarians. 


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