Lindt Papaya Bar (99p Stores)

Whilst in 99p Stores recently I spotted this unique sounding chocolate bar from Lindt...with it being Papaya I just had to give it a try, it's not every day you see such a flavour combined with chocolate!

It was an imported bar so had a sticker on it with the English ingredients on. Unlike most Lindt chocolate bars it didn't contain any barley malt, which means it was safe for me to eat with my gluten sensitivity. It contained a milk cream filling with a layer of papaya "jam" on top, all coated in milk chocolate. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't quite as exciting as my imagination told me. It tasted okay, the milk filling was nice and creamy, but the papaya layer was a bit overly sweet. Papaya isn't really a great flavour to pair with chocolate really, it lacks tartness to balance out the sweetness.

Overall, I'm glad I tried something a bit different from Lindt but I can see why these are in 99p stores and not sold in most supermarkets. If you spot these I'd recommend giving one a try if you like papaya, but otherwise they're a miss.

I've seen other Lindt bars in discount stores recently such as a "Creme de menthe" and a pretzel milk chocolate bar, if you're a Lindt fan keep your eyes peeled for them!

RATING: 6.5 out of 10. 


  1. Had them and they are lovely. I also tried the Mango and Passion Fruit and the Blackcurrant bar too.

    The 99p Store had delicious Coconut cream Lindt bars a few months back


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