Marks & Spencer Dairy Free Coconut Cream Dessert

Since it was my birthday recently, naturally I've been on the sugar again after an extended detox (don't ask!), so I finally decided to give this Dairy Free Coconut Cream dessert a try that's been winking at me from the frozen aisle of Marks & Spencer for quite some time. Coconut is the "in thing" right now, you'll find coconut oil flying off the shelves (almost literally) in Holland & Barrett, coconut milk drinks in most supermarkets, and even coconut water in your local Tesco Express. So coconut ice cream was only the next logical step really!

This cost me a very reasonable £3 at M&S, and contains 30% coconut cream as well as coconut oil, sugar and maltodextrin.

Like many of my snacks I ate it on the go, this time at the local park. Whilst I did get some jealous looks from the ducks and pigeons, they certainly weren't getting any!

The ice cream, or rather "dessert" as M&S are calling it was frozen solid, more so than "real" dairy ice cream, presumably as coconut cream takes longer to melt. It tasted...okay. I'd like to say it was really delicious since I love all things coconut, but sadly it wasn't. It had an odd coconut flavour, not quite as rich and thick as regular coconut milk, and a weird aftertaste. It was pleasant enough and had a decent level of sweetness that wasn't overpowering, but still it wasn't all that exciting.

If you're sensitive to dairy and in need of a frozen dessert fix, this isn't a bad option, I'm sure it would go perfectly with some berries, but I reckon there's probably nicer dairy free options out there. I've heard that Booja Booja make some good ones (although sadly they're not nut free). This effort from M&S is going to have to get a thumbs down from me unfortunately, it's just not very good for an M&S product.

If you're dairy free and have tried this, please let me know what you thought in the comments!

RATING: 5 out of 10. 


  1. Although not a frozen dessert, I made a great coconut-lover's discovery this week in Lidl. If you like Rafaellos then Lidl's Deluxe range has a new Coconut Crème spread for toast that is coconut mixed with roasted dessicated coconut into the coconut equivalent of Nutella. It is absolutely delicious! Going to have to buy a few more jars to tide me over into 2016. The jars were on the Deluxe stand where all the Christmas foodie items were mixed in with the Deluxe range's take on Nutella. Would definitely recommend it if you want a good coconut hit for breakfast!

    1. Thanks Natty! I've seen that spread but not tried it yet...sounds yum!

  2. Thanks for the review Kev!

  3. Thanks for the review Kev!

  4. Hi Kev, I have tried it and I like M&S Coconut dessert and I am on the path to be vegan. Overall, this is a good quality, delicious alternative to ice-cream and I certainly recommend it. It's true it is not like the usual thicker coconut flavour but I like it because the other alternatives I have tried are not that good. I would give it a higher rating 7 out of 10

  5. It has a lovely texture, right level of sweetness, clean white colour but I didn't really detect much of a coconut flavour.


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