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New Snacks Monsterpost: Halloween, Drumstick Lolly Cake, Cadbury Sticky Puds, Philadelphia Duo Cremoso...

Some new products I've seen whilst out and about recently...enjoy! Swizzel's Matlow Drumstick Cake: Everyone of a certain age will remember Drumstick Lollies from childhood...and now you can get them in cake form! This cake contains a Drumstick flavoured topping and filling, and is of course shaped and iced like a Drumstick lolly. Spotted at Asda. Asda's Triple Chocolate Giant Doughnut Cake : I don't think this made from real doughnut, but it looks like a pretty cool cake! There's also a Toffee Fudge variety! Mars Cake Bars : If it weren't for the recent news articles raving about these I would've never guessed they were new...I thought Mars had always done cake bars?! Spotted at Asda. Asda Jazzie Mini Cake Bites : Continuing with the retro sweets theme Asda are doing these new "Jazzie" cake bites. If you don't know what Jazzie's are, they're basically a British retro sweet made up of vegetable fat with h

Cadbury Marvellous Mix-Ups Banana Sour Fudge Dessert - Review

Cadbury are churning out a lot of odd flavour combinations recently...first they did a Cherry Cola Fizz dessert and now this - Banana Sour Fudge! I have to wonder if anyone actually likes these odd flavours they keep bringing out; sure, they're interesting and novel, but the novelty must wear off eventually. I guess that's why they're just limited editions... This dessert is described as "Smooth & creamy dessert made with melted Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with a side of milk chocolate coated butter candy, banana flavour candied fudge pieces & raspberry flavour sour candy balls". A weird mis-mash of flavours if ever there was one! So how did it taste...? Well, firstly the chocolate dessert itself was very nice, it's pretty much the same as Dairy Milk Pots of Joy and the smoothness and creaminess is very welcoming. Adding the goodies and mixing them in produced an interesting taste sensation...lots of artificial fruit flavours; sourness from th

Thorntons Special Toffee & Fabulous Fudge Milk Chocolate Blocks - Review

Thorntons recently announced the launch of their own chocolate blocks to compete with the likes of Dairy Milk and Galaxy , and by chance I happened to spot some whilst in WH Smiths the other day. The wrappers looked similar to Galaxy bars so I had to look twice! Both contain Thorntons most well-known products: Special Toffee and Fabulous Fudge. It must have been a no-brainer to put them in bar form, after all most confectionery companies *cough* Mondelez! *cough* are putting their brands into chocolate bars these days. Thorntons Special Toffee Milk Chocolate: This is described as "Toffee flavour milk chocolate with toffee pieces" and contains 30% cocoa solids. Opening the wrapper I was salivating...the chocolate had a lovely burnt toffee aroma that was very strong. The bar is split into blocks with cogs printed on, matching the "chocolate factory" themed wrapper, which I think is quite a fun design. The chocolate was very nice; smooth and milky wit