Cadbury Roses Pots of Joy Hazel Whirl Review

I first mentioned these Hazel Whirl Pots of Joy in a Spotted In Shops feature and initially wasnt too fussed on trying them. But as I saw them discounted in the Co-Op recently I thought "why not give them a (hazel) whirl?" (har har). I'm not usually a fan of hazelnut desserts or yoghurts, so wasn't expecting to love these from the get-go.

Like all Pots of Joy they contain a layer made with melted Cadbury chocolate, as well as hazelnut fondant and a centre of chopped hazelnuts.

Like the other Pots of Joy they also come in dinky little pots, which I find rather frustrating as once you've eaten one you immediately want to eat the next! Anyone who believes in "portion control" is kidding themselves ;)

I didn't really enjoy them to be honest. The smooth chocolate layer was nice, and they had a decent amount of chopped hazelnuts, but the whole thing turned into a kind of gloopy mess and the hazelnut flavour wasn't strong enough for my liking. If you imagine these taste anything like Nutella you'd be wrong...the flavour is weaker and more artificial. I think they'd be much nicer with a proper gianduja praline centre, and maybe a layer of caramel too.

Overall, these desserts aren't bad but they're not something I would buy again. I can't see them lasting in shops for long and predict Cadbury will be launching a Daim Pots of Joy before long...just a hunch!

RATING: 6 out of 10. 

Price: 69p at Co-Op (reduced). Usually £1.29. Also available at Tesco.
Suitable for vegetarians?: No.
Allergy Information: Contains milk, nuts & maize.
Nutrition (per pot): 155 Calories, 8g Fat, 17.7g Carbs, 17.7g Sugars.


  1. I agree with you here Kev. The hazelnut flavour was weak and I prefer the strawberry ones.


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