E Wedel Crème Brûlée Bar (Polish) Review

Whilst in my local Polish store recently I was in need of a choccy fix...and decided to go for this large Wedel Crème Brûlée bar. It's quite a hefty slab of chocolate so I knew it would be worth the price (£2.19). They also had a Raspberry Panna Cotta bar but Crème Brûlée is more up my street!

The chunks are sectioned with an interesting shape on each block - they reminded me of bottle caps, but I think they're meant to resemble the ramekins traditionally used for crème brûlée. Inside these sections was a layer of gooey golden caramel, with a layer of panna cotta cream and crunchy caramel pieces underneath.

It tasted...amazing! The cream filling was very smooth with a subtle vanilla flavour, with the crunchy caramel pieces adding a nice crunch. The softer caramel tasted gooey, sweet and buttery and went perfectly with the cream, making the bar feel very indulgent. It was a massive sugar overload, of course, but the kind that makes you feel warm and happy inside!

Overall, this is a delicious bar from Wedel and if you happen to spot it in any Polish stores I would recommend picking one up! Since they're so large they're great for sharing and very satisfying. They're also head and shoulders above the "soon-to-be-axedNestlé Wonka Crème Brûlée bars!

RATING: 8 out of 10. 


  1. Try the Lindt Creation version, I'd like to know which you prefer

    1. I will do definitely :) I can imagine it's much nicer as Lindt's milk chocolate is so tasty.

  2. You can get these bars in larger Tesco stores for about £1.99.

  3. Just got one of these from Home Bargains £1.49. Delicious and very heavy!

    1. Pound land do the panda cotta and tiramisu bars too :)


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