Chocolat Madagascar Depuis 1940 100% Cocoa Review

I'm really getting into 100% cacao chocolates recently; so far I've tried The Grenada Chocolate Company's 100% bar which is one of my favourites, plus the various varieties in Hotel Chocolat's range as well as the Rococo Plus Noir Que Noir which were all very lovely.

Whilst ordering from recently I decided to try something new and went for this Madagascar Depuis 1940, which sounded a bit milder than most 100% bars judging by the reviews. I'm glad I did as it turned out to be very delicious, almost usurping The Grenada Chocolate Company as one of my favourites!

Firstly I have to say I liked the packaging design, it's simple but elegant. Unwrapping the foil (yes, some chocolate companies still use foil!) revealed a glossy bar divided into small chunks; the perfect size for savouring in small mouthfulls.

Taking my first bite I was surprised by how soft and smooth the chocolate was; it melted very easily on the tongue without any chalkiness. I allowed it to melt in my mouth rather than chew it, and it revealed a rich yet creamy cocoa flavour. As others have said it's more reminiscent of 60% dark chocolate than 100%, which isn't a bad thing at all - there's no bitterness or harshness to put off anyone new to 100% cacao chocolates. I enjoyed the bar with a cup of coffee which was the perfect partner.

Overall, a very tasty bar which I would recommend if you fancy exploring the "dark side" of chocolate! I will definitely buy this again and am seriously considering the couverture block containing several 100g bars...but I'm not sure I could stop myself from eating them all!

RATING: 9 out of 10. 

Price: £4.45
Available from:
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Info: Gluten free, may contain traces of soya.


  1. How about Willie's Cacao Black range for your next 100% tasting! That would be very accessible as Waitrose stock it, though the way it's designed is for grating/cooking so it may be difficult to get a piece (unlike 100% bar format)

    1. I've been considering giving that one a try, but as it's for cooking I imagine it'll be a bit on the dry/bitter side?

    2. Yeah I don't think cocoa butter has been added!

    3. Shame :( Have you ever tried the ones sold in M&S/Waitrose/Tesco? I forget the brand but they're advertised as for making hot chocolate. They're truly horrible...bitter, dry...blergh.

  2. I would really like to taste this


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