Spotted in Shops! Limited Edition Honey Monster Banana Puffs & Strawberry Puffs

Just a quick post on these today...I'm not sure if they have been re-released or are just old stock, but I couldn't help taking a pic when I spotted them in Loco recently!

honey monster banana puffs
Honey Monster Banana Puffs
According to they were available last July and were the first ever limited edition cereal from Honey Monster Foods. So seems like these must be old stock...hopefully they were still in date!

honey monster strawberry puffs
Honey Monster Strawberry Puffs
Have you tried Banana Puffs or Strawberry Puffs? Let me know in the comments! :)


  1. I used to live off the different variations of Sugar Puffs. I did buy a box of the banana ones once. They were nice enough - reminded me a bit of banana medicine! They made a nice change at the time but were pretty artificial so I preferred the plain and chocolate versions.

  2. I knew I'd had the strawberry ones. So here you go, from back in 2011:

    Apparently I wasn't a fan.


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