Cherizena Banoffee Pie & Almond Amaretto Flavour Coffees Review

Sometimes, I get cynical about new products and say so on my Twitter account. That's what happened when I heard about this new Banoffee Pie flavour coffee from Cherizena recently. I'm so used to flavoured coffees tasting artificial and chemically that I've become unimpressed with the flavoured coffee market.

Cherizena saw my tweet though and offered to send some samples of their coffee to prove me wrong, and proven wrong I was! These Cherizena coffees are delicious and actually do their respective flavours justice.

The Banoffee Pie variety tasted realistically of cream, bananas and caramel all rolled into one, without any nasty chemical taste, and the flavour didn't feel like an afterthought either - it was forefront and didn't play second fiddle to the strong taste of coffee. It was a tasty synergy and made for a lovely experience, and I felt like I was drinking more than just flavoured coffee. Cherizena, you proved me wrong - your banoffee pie flavour coffee is lovely, and I take back what I said on Twitter!

RATING: 9 out of 10.

The Almond Amaretto flavour was also very delicious with a lovely amaretto almond flavour, which again like the banoffee pie variety didn't play second fiddle to the strong taste of coffee. It went with it very well, providing a lovely synergy of flavours, tasting realistic and not at all chemically.

RATING: 8 out of 10.

Overall, these two coffees from Cherizena were lovely and prove that flavoured coffee isn't always a gimmick and can actually taste of what it's supposed to! If you're a fan of flavoured coffees or just fed up with ones that promise a lot but don't deliver, I highly recommend giving these a try!

Note: I used Aroy-D coconut milk with these coffees as I'm becoming a big convert to using it instead of cow's milk, and it made for a lovely rich coffee, perhaps even better than with regular milk!

Cherizena's website

*These samples were provided for an honest review.


  1. oooh this sounds good. The only Banoffee flavoured coffee I've bought was just as you say, horribly artificial and funnily enough quite bitter at the same time. This one sounds much nicer!

    1. Yes unfortunately they all seem to be quite artificial don't they. This one really surprised me!


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