Nestle Boci Stracciatella Santa

Clothed santa
Here we have the Boci Straciatella Santa. I picked up two of these santas for £1 in a discount store - whatever would Mrs Claus think?!

Naked santa
This santa comprises a white chocolate shell with crunchy straciatella and hazelnut pieces. When I opened the wrapper I thought the white chocolate had an odd colour - kind of beige. I was a little worried it might have gone off or something. However, it tasted fine. It was a cheap white chocolate, very sweet tasting, but the stracitallea and hazelnut pieces gave it a nice crunch.

Santa had an accident
Overall this was a nice little novelty, I think it would be quite popular with children, but probably isn't for everyone. When I bought this I also saw a popping candy milk chocolate version, which I'm not sure the world is ready for...

Have you tried Nestle Boci products before? If so what did you think?


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  2. yes it is hungarian chocolate :)

    1. Hi Rozsa, are you a fan of Boci chocolate? I don't know much about it as I have only tried this and some of the Aero bars.


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