Kraft Cboze Cherry milk chocolate

This is another bar I found in a local discount store, which cost me 50p.

There's not a lot to say about it really, it's just a standard cheap milk chocolate with a pleasant tasting cherry filling. It's a nice novelty and the cherry taste is very good, but overall it's not mind-blowing.

If you happen to see this I'd recommend giving it a try as a one-off.

I'm not sure where it's actually from; the writing on the wrapper is all in foreign and I couldn't determine what country the flag was (I was never that good at Geography!). If anyone has more information, please leave a comment!


  1. Hi Kev,

    I'm guessing this choc is Bulgarian. The small picture on the front of the choc looks like the Bulgarian flag and it's also in the shape of that country (I love flags and geography lol).

    I've never heard of Cboze before but this does look good. I like the thought of the cherry centre. Nice find!


    1. Mystery solved, thanks Katherine!

      This is definitely worth a try if you like cherry flavoured chocs. It seems to be an under-used flavour, but is so nice.

    2. Yup, that's right. Also, вишна means cherry in Bulgarian.

  2. Cherry chocolate sounds awesome! I agree that cherry is under-used and I don't think I have ever tried it with chocolate so I will look out for this bar!

  3. Hi, my friend got me some chocolate with the same brand when he went to Bulgaria. I kinda wanted to buy some myself. I was wondering where you bought these chocolates; online or in a store near your home?

  4. That's not Cboze. Actually it's "Своге" in the Cyrillic script and it reads Svoge.

  5. Hey threre! The brand really reads as SVOGE (this is the name of the town in Bulgaria where it is produced) - these are Cyrillic letters that look like Cboze - it is very funny how you "translated" it :D, I would never think to read it that way.
    Also it is actually not a cherry but a "sour cherry" taste - this fruit:
    Good luck :)

    1. Thanks for the info! Sorry I'm a bit backwards when it comes to translating things lol.

  6. Where did you find this ? I can't find any here in Eindhoven!


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