Milka Weihnachts Minis

Today we have "Milka Weihnachts-Minis", which translates to "Milka Christmas-Minis" in English. I found these chocolates in a discount store on offer of 6 large bags for a pound. Not bad eh? Each large bag contains 8 mini-bags with 3 different Christmas-themed designs:

I think the name of this product is a bit boring, considering these are a Milka version of Smarties. I would've expected something more unique and quirky than "Christmas-Minis". I can't help but wonder if they already exist under another name in Germany - if anyone knows please do leave a comment!

Unlike Smarties, they come in only purple and white colours, to fit with the Milka branding:

I wasn't very impressed with the taste of these at all. They were overly sugary; the sugar shells dominated and spoiled the creamy taste of the chocolate. When I ate a lot at once I could just about get a creamy-chocolatey hit, but it didn't last. I think perhaps the problem was that they're too small, so there's a higher shell-to-chocolate ratio when compared to Smarties for example. I actually prefer Smarties over these, which is surprising considering the chocolate in these should, theoretically, be better quality.

Overall I can see why these were at such a bargain price, and can't really recommend them. If you've spotted or tried these yourself, please do leave a comment below!


  1. What a bargain, although maybe not if they didn't taste too good. Love the purple coloured ones though!

  2. Wow six bags for a pound is a steal! It's a shame they are not as nice as smarties but they would look great for decorating cakes :)

    1. That sounds like a brill idea. Or perhaps for decorating biscuits?


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