Fry's Strawberry Cream Review

frys strawberry cream

I’ve always been a big fan of Fry’s Cream bars, the Orange ones in particular are a favourite so I was overjoyed when they launched this new Limited Edition Strawberry variety recently! Available from discount stores like B&M Bargains and Iceland Foods for £1, these are vegan friendly and are classic Fry’s Cream dark chocolate with a soft fondant filling.

frys strawberry cream

Fry’s launched a Raspberry Cream last year and although it’s nice, I preferred this one as it just has all the nostalgic flavours of Strawberry Creams which I love! I’ve always enjoyed strawberry cream chocolate from Quality Street and Roses (yes I know everyone else hates them haha!) so I felt like this was made for me!

frys strawberry cream

It’s sickly sweet of course but that’s what you expect from a Fry’s Cream bar. The dark chocolate is rich and sweet, likely Bournville chocolate and a nice carrier for the filling. I felt like it balanced the proportion of cream to chocolate better than that of a Quality Street strawberry cream for example.

Overall, a great new bar and I do hope this becomes permanent instead of the Raspberry Cream! 8/10.


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