Chum Fruit Bites Review

It’s hard to get healthy snacks nowadays that are truly healthy and live up to their credentials, whether it’s free from, additive free or whatever. I’ve tried various ones and many seem to come with downsides. But with Chum Fruit Bites I can say they’ve actually achieved their goal of being additive free, non GMO, refined sugar free, vegan, gluten free and nut free. They’re literally made with non GMO fruit purée and that’s it! The fruit is squished into little triangles to make a cool snack and comes in handy snacking sachets. They’re ideal for a mid morning or mid afternoon snack. And they don’t give you a sugar crash as they’re not full of white sugar but natural fruit sugar, which releases energy more slowly.

They also donate 15% of profits to Wild Aid, which is currently working to end live animal markets - a worthy cause, considering! 

There’s several flavours and my favourite is the Peach, which has a lovely natural sweet peach flavour followed by Strawberry which is very “Jammy” and makes me think of jam in bite-size form for some reason! The Apple is slightly tart and zingy with an edge of pear flavouring it too, while the berry is part blueberry and blackberry giving the sweetness and tartness of both. 

For a simple snack made of fruit I really do enjoy these. There’s just enough pieces per bag for a little energy boost although they’re so tasty I always reach for a second! Haha.

You can find these available from chum bites online store - they’re not stocked in any shops unfortunately and it doesn’t look likely they will be due to being a small company. So please do check them out - it’s important to support small online businesses at this current time!


  1. These look lovely, Kev! I particularly like the sound of the peach variety. It’s definitely worth supporting local businesses too. It reminded me there was a health food store I used to visit sometimes, and they had such a good selection of niche snacks. It would be nice to visit again sometime. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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