Quality Street Intrigue Truffles Review

quality street intrigue truffles

Quality Street have recently expanded their range by branching out into Lindor territory...with truffles! But they've given their own unique spin on them and these have crunchy coatings to fit with some of their classic Quality Street Chocolates. There's Orange which is a bit like the Crunchy Orange chocolate, Salted Caramel which is apparently based on the toffees, and Praline which is of course based on the Green Triangle.

quality street intrigue truffles

Sounds a bit gimmicky but they actually do fit with the Quality Street chocolates rather well. Consisting of a smooth, almost gooey truffle centre, coated in chocolate and with various crunchy coatings.

quality street intrigue orange

The Orange was a favourite - a smooth orange flavour centre with some crunchy orange bits on top. It tastes like the orange chocolate from quality street but the truffle adds an extra dimension to it, replacing boring crunchy inner chocolate with a smooth ganache. I think I liked this better to be honest. The crunchy bits still give you the crunchy fun element you get from the originals.

quality street salted caramel intrigue

The Salted Caramel are also great, a smooth caramel flavour truffle with crunchy caramel bits on top, again giving you the contrast between soft gooey centre and crunchy caramel bits. Thankfully though they're not so tough they'll pull your teeth out like the ones in Quality Street! Delicious.

quality street intrigue praline

The Praline of course are a bit like the Green Triangle and enhance it by adding some crunchy roasted hazelnut pieces on top. It's a bit like Ferrero Rocher but with smooth praline and very tasty! I'm not sure this surpasses the original Green Triangle though as that just has it's own special charm but these are tasty in their own right.

Overall then, a great range from Quality Street that has had some thought put into it. I like that they are similar to the actual chocolates from Quality Street rather than being a random spinoff. These would make a nice gift I'm sure, and although they don't quite surpass Lindor in terms of luxury they're a nice alternative that's a bit different.

The Orange ones are exclusive to Asda and the Caramel and Hazelnut will be available from Morrisons stores this week (not sure of price as I was gifted these - sorry).


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