Hunter & Gather Mayocado (Vegan Mayo) Review


Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted! Apologies to anyone who still reads my blog. I’ve somewhat migrated to Instagram and it’s taken up most of my time, although I do miss doing the more wordy food ramblings on here!

I’m returning with a bit of a different review; it’s less of a snack and is actually a condiment - Mayo! But not just any ordinary Mayo, this is “Mayocado” from Hunter & Gather, a company specialising in paleo, grain free, and generally healthier products.

vegan mayo
They also do Extra Virgin Avocado Oil...

I was intrigued by this mayo as it’s not only vegan, it’s made with avocado oil which is supposed to be healthier than the sunflower or rapeseed oils used in most commercial mayos. To make it egg free and vegan, they’ve used pea protein, and it also contains apple cider vinegar, Himalayan pink salt, lemon juice and konjac root.

hunter and gather

I’ll be honest, opening the lid and taking a spoon the texture looks neither super appetising nor “instagrammable” (yes that’s a thing!), but it is a condiment and it’s the taste that counts right! Also with it being egg free, I imagine it’s harder to create that “smooth” look that mayo usually has.


It tastes pretty good! There’s the classic punchy sharp flavour of vinegar and lemon, and a more wholesome taste overall thanks to the avocado oil. The pea protein does make it a little odd in texture, but it’s not too noticeable. As a condiment to go with sandwiches and meals, this does the job and if you’re into clean eating it will sit right alongside your salmon/tofu/veggies/whatever nicely. In fact it reminded me a bit of tartare sauce so I think pairing it with fish would go down well! And of course if you’re vegan I’m sure it’ll go nicely with meat alternatives too.

Overall, it might not look the prettiest but it’s “pretty” darn tasty (har har!) and for something egg free and made using a healthier oil, this is an excellent product.

If you’d like to find out more check out the Hunter & Gather website:

The mayo is also available from


  1. Good see you back. Not got Instagram!

    Sounds good really despite if looking ugg! I know some vegans use the liquid from chickpeas as an egg sub!

    1. Hey Ananka, thanks for still reading, it's good to know people still do :)

      Ah yes I've tried using chickpeas as an egg sub before, they actually work well in cakes. I believe its called aquafaba.

      Will try to post a bit more on here!

  2. i had always been checking the blog but as it had been a while assumed it was now instragram only so hadnt for a while. popped back today so will continue to come back if reviews are back :-)

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