Cadbury Dream White Christmas Review

Cadbury Dream White Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and while it might not be a White Christmas weather-wise (more like a washout-mas!) it now can be in terms of chocolate! Because you can get Cadbury Dream White Christmas bars with almonds, raspberries and rice crispies (available from Gb Gifts - Kevs10 gets you a 10% discount off all items). They've been selling out fast and I can see why!

Cadbury Dream White Christmas

Now I'm a big fan of Aussie Dream white chocolate, maybe it's nostalgia since they stopped making it in the UK, but it does have a distinct "Cadbury" creamy flavour that I enjoy. So I was surprised that it actually played second fiddle in this bar and you could barely taste it!

Yes, this bar is chock full of mix ins, from dried crunchy raspberries, crunchy roasted almonds and crispy rice pieces. Turning the bar over they're literally all that's visible on the bottom.

Cadbury Dream White Christmas

I'm not always a fan of dried raspberries in chocolate to be honest, it can be either gritty or too tart but here it combines perfectly with the other additions - the crunchy savoury almonds add a different flavour element and the rice crispies bring some crunchy texture. I do think another fruit might have been more appropriate for the festive season (cranberries, hello!) but this actually works and does seem somehow "festive". It's a combination that's a bit different and unexpected but works really well. And it certainly brought out the inner kid in me!

Cadbury Dream White Christmas

Overall, I'm so pleased to have been able to try this bar because it's really not something we are ever likely to get properly released in the UK. I do wish UK manufacturers would be a bit more inventive like our Aussie friends!

If this sounds like your thing do check out the GB Gifts website: (code Kevs10 will get 10% off). They sell out of items like this fast but there's always some exciting stock coming in so do keep an eye on their social media for new additions!


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