Bounty Milk Snacks Review

You may have seen my Instgaram post on these last week so I won't bore you with too many details. They were kindly gifted to me by a PR company and are now available in the chiller cabinets of Sainsbury's stores (not all stores may have them so be sure to check with staff if they don't). They cost £2 per box of 4 and consist of a chocolate sponge cake base, topped with a coconut flavour mousse, and coated in milk chocolate.

If you love all things coconut you're bound to love these, they combine cake with creamy sweet coconut mousse - what's not to like?! Unless you hate coconut of course haha. In fact I'd say they're a tad more interesting than actual Bounty bars since they're not as dry, and the different tastes and textures make for more of an “experience”. They reminded me somewhat of those coconut mallow biscuits, but much nicer.

If you like coconut cakey sorts of things, check these out in the chiller aisles! I'll keep you updated if other stores start stokcing them (Instagram!) but for now head to Sainsbury's!


  1. will def have to look out for these on offer. I got the Mars ones on offer and liked them more than i thought i would, and seeing as i love bounty, these should be lovely :-)

  2. I live in Spain - I couldn't get my regular dark chocolate bounty bar so I picked up the Bounty snack bar at Antequera Carrefour. I was so dissapointed especially when I paid €1.5 cents for 1 bar - total rip off.


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