Freaks of Nature Cherry Bakewell Pudding Review

Freaks of Nature Cherry Bakewell Pudding Review

I was recently sent some of the new Freaks of Nature Cherry Bakewell puds to review by the creators - thanks so much guys, it's really appreciated! Freaks of Nature make vegan and gluten free desserts that are available from Waitrose and Ocado, without the use of allergens like soya, eggs, dairy etc, however they do contain nuts.

These cost £2 and are apparently the worlds first free from and vegan cherry bakewell hot pudding. They consist of light almond frangipane sponge on top of a layer of sweet cherry sauce, and flaxseeds are used in place of egg as a binder.

Freaks of Nature Cherry Bakewell Pudding Review

The desserts come in reusable glass ramekins, similar to GU puds, and contain 100g of dessert per pot. They can be heated in the oven or microwaved for a fast dessert.

Freaks of Nature Cherry Bakewell Pudding Review

I loved these! The almond sponge is nice and light with a good nutty flavour, and the sprinkling of almond slivers adds some crunch. The cherry sauce underneath was a lovely surprise - it's sweet and flavoursome and really captures the essence of a cherry bakewell. There's just enough in one ramekin for a nice light dessert, although of course me being me I ate a second one right after! I do think they'd be better in larger portions because hey, more dessert is always better!

Overall, these are some super desserts and it's so nice to have a new option that's both vegan and gluten free to cater to anyone with such dietary needs. Bravo Freaks of Nature for these!

For more info on Freaks of Nature dessert range see their website:


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