M&S Tutti Frutti Seedless Grapes Review

M&S Seedless Tutti Frutti Grapes

Today's review is another departure, for once I'm reviewing actual food - grapes to be precise! I've been eating a lot more fruit recently since cutting down on refined sugar, so when I saw these Tutti Frutti grapes in Marks and Spencer I couldn't resist giving them a try. "Grapes that taste of sweets?", I thought. I was rather excited indeed.

They're expertly sourced for Marks & Spencer from vineyards around the world, and the grapes are ripened longer on the vine than regular grapes. Yes, these are not just any grapes...

M&S Seedless Tutti Frutti Grapes

I was disappointed to find that they weren't in fact tutti frutti flavoured (whatever that is) they were simply a sweeter, juicier variety of grapes. Which isn't to say these didn't taste good - they tasted DELICIOUS. Seriously some of the best grapes I've ever had. But they weren't tutti frutti flavoured.

After trying a few varieties of "flavoured" grapes now from Candyfloss to Strawberry, I've come to the realization that they're just descriptions for various sweeter variations of grapes. I suppose it's similar to how wines have different descriptions for their flavours ("woody", "tobacco" etc) that have nothing to do with the actual wine.

Overall, should you buy these grapes? If you fancy a treat in grape form, yes absolutely! They're excellent quality and very tasty. Just don't go expecting the flavours promised from them.

What's your experience of flavoured grapes? Have you discovered one that tastes of what it's supposed to? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I'd agree entirely with your thoughts on the Tutti Frutti variety.
    Candy floss ones do taste of the sugary "candy" flavour if you pick the right one.
    I find a mixture of taste AND smell helps to achieve this. (Try eating one with your mouth open and breathing the aroma in-not pretty but effective, imo).
    The "Sable" variety of grapes is my favourite, however. Such a strong sweet taste combined with their aroma.


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