Aldi 21 Day Matured Ribeye Steak Review

Aldi 21 Day Matured Ribeye Steak

Aldi do a fine range of food nowadays, you can find pretty much the same things as most larger supermarkets, and oftentimes better quality. I'm a fan of their fresh fruit and veg in particular. But they also do some quality British meats, and by chance I was sent a voucher to review some of their steaks recently. My Aldi didn't have some of the fancier cuts in stock but they did have these 21 Day Matured steaks in, of which I chose Ribeye. Not something I eat very often so I was pretty excited to try it!

Aldi 21 Day Matured Ribeye Steak Review

I cooked it under the grill, not bloody, not medium rare, but well done. That's how I like my steak! Despite being well done is was still very juicy and bursting with flavour. I have to say it's one of the best steaks I've had in a while, and beats the quality of stores like Tesco, whom I've tried Ribeye Steak from before and wasn't too impressed. The price point of these is also ideal - less than £4 - so you don't need to break the bank for some great quality meat.

Overall, I would highly recommend not only this steak but all the meat sold at Aldi - I've not had anything bad from there and the prices are very affordable. In fact a friend has told me that even butchers recommend Aldi's meat as it's the best quality. I'll certainly be making more regular purchases from there from now on, I just wish I had an Aldi closer to me!

8.5 out of 10. 


  1. Would help if you knew how to cook steak.

    1. I do thankyou very much. I take it you like it bloody?

  2. that's not the same steak is it ?


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