New Products: Kinder Bueno Coconut, Poundland Twin Peaks, Pringles Street Food & More!

kinder bueno coconut chocolate

It's been a while since I did a Spotted In Shops post, but since there's so many new products out lately I thought it about time for a revival - rejoice everyone!

One of the most important new product launches is of course the Kinder Bueno Coconut, one for the coconutters out there, and one I can't eat due to gluten. Boo! I do hope to see a review from my favourite Coconutter aka Reaching For Refreshment though. Please take one for the team Cupcake! Spotted in Superdrug.

twin peaks chocolate bar
One product that I'm eager for but seems to be having some legal trouble with Toblerone is Poundland's Twin Peaks bar. It is of course very similar in design, with "twin peak" shaped blocks rather than the triangular ones on a Toblerone. It actually contains more chocolate too.

poundland twin peaks

Since Mondelez drastically altered the spacing of Toblerone blocks last year (check out my review for the pics!) we've all been crying out for something better value, and looks like this could be it! Let's hope they get the go ahead for this bar soon - I'll be sure to do a review once it's on shelves!

Reese's Stuffed with Pieces Cups:
reese's peanut butter cups stuffed with reese's pieces

I was surprised to see these Reese's Stuffed with Pieces in Sainsbury's recently, I had assumed they were an American only product but it seems we are getting them over here now, hurrah!

Tic Tac Banana & Tangerine:
tic tacs banana and tangerine dave despicable me 3 minions

An unusual flavour combination for Tic Tac, to tie in with the new Minions Despicable Me 3 film. Spotted in The Co Op.

Kinder Surprise Despicable Me 3:
kinder surprise despicable me

Kinder Surprise eggs with Despicable Me 3 toys. Perfect for kids...or big kids! Spotted in The Co Op.

Oreo Cookies & Cream Cake:
oreo cookies and cream cake iceland

Available only in Iceland currently, this Oreo cake contains a biscuit base with a creamy layer and crushed Oreo cookies on top.

Nestle Dairy Box Classic Collection with new chocolates:
Nestle Dairy Box Classic Collection

Nestle have updated the packaging for their classic Dairy Box chocolate collection again, and included some new Rose chocolates and Orange chocolate truffles. Spotted in Tesco.

Limited Edition Quality Street Matchmakers Salted Caramel:
nestle quality street matchmakers salted caramel

I'm not sure how long this is limited edition for but let's hope it sticks around till at least Christmas. Available in most supermarkets.

Maryland Cookies Thins:
maryland cookies thins choc chip

I don't know whats with this trend of making cookies thinner lately, does it just mean you can scoff more at once? Spotted in The Co Op and Tesco. Also available in a Salted Caramel variety.

Jammie Dodgers Strawberry Sundae Limited Edition:
jammie dodgers strawberry sundae biscuits

These looks suspiciously similar to a variety that was out many years ago, and I suspect they are just a recycled idea. Try something new, Burtons! Available at Asda, Tesco etc.

Oreo with Strawberry Yogurt:
oreo strawberry yogurt

Not long after launching plain Yogurt with crushed Oreo, Mondelez have now launched a strawberry version. Innovation at its finest. Available from Asda, Tesco etc.

McVitie's Digestives Banoffee Caramel:
mcvities digestives banoffee caramel

Now these sound a bit more innovative! Available from Asda, Tesco etc.

McVitie's Digestives Nibbles Orange:
mcvities digestives nibbles chocolate orange biscuit

Yet another variety of McVitie's Digestives Nibbles, this time in Chocolate Orange. They sound yummy! Spotted in Asda.

McVitie's Penguin Cookies & Cream Cake Crunchies:
mcvities penguin cookies and cream crunchies

New cake bars based on Penguin biscuits, containing crunchy biscuit or "cookie" pieces within the cream layer. Available from Asda.

McVitie's Trio Toffee Cake Crunchies:
mcvities trio toffee cake crunchers

And another variety, based on the newly relaunched McVitie's Trio bars. Also available from Asda.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Triple Choc Sensation Desserts:
cadbury dairy milk big taste triple choc sensation desserts

Cadbury have converted one of their Big Taste bars into dessert form, I'm just puzzled why it wasn't the Toffee Whole Nut or Peanut Caramel Crisp varieties? Available from most supermarkets.

Jacobs Cheddars with a hint of pickle:
jacobs cheddars with a hint of pickle

Not content with bacon flavour, Jacob's have further expanded their Cheddars range with this new limited ediiton Pickle flavour. Spotted in Asda.

Jacobs Mini Cheddars Stilton (Choose Your Cheese):
jacobs mini cheddars stilton choose your cheese

Jacobs are doing a new competition for Mini Cheddars to "choose your cheese" from three different cheese flavours, including Stilton...

Jacobs Mini Cheddars Smoked Applewood: 
jacobs mini cheddars smoked applewood

and Smoked Applewood...

Jacobs Mini Cheddars Red Leicester:
jacobs mini cheddars red leicester choose your cheese

And last but not least, red leicester. All these varieties are available at Asda. Which cheese will you choose?

Maynards Bassetts Jelly Babies Tropical:
maynards bassetts tropical jelly babies

A new tropical twist on Jelly Babies! Spotted in Morrisons.

Haribo Jelly Babies & Wine Gums Mix:
haribo jelly babies and winegums

Can't decide whether to go for Jelly Babies or Wine Gums? Now you can have both in the same bag thanks to Haribo! Available at Asda.

Haribo Jelly Babies Double Trouble:
haribo double trouble jelly babies sweets asda

Eat two Jelly Babies at once with these new doubled-up Jelly Babies. A good excuse to eat more! Available at Asda.

Milkybar with Smarties Sharing Bar:
nestle milkybar with smarties sharing block

In the early 2000's Nestle did a white chocolate Smarties bar, but now they've resurrected it as Milkybar with Smarties! Available from Asda, Morrisons etc.

Jameson's Peppermint Ruffle:
jameson's peppermint ruffles

The classic vegan coconutty chocolates are now available in a mint version. I wonder how they compare to Raspberry Ruffles? Available from Asda.

Asda Blackcurrant Bakewells:
asda bakers selection blackcurrant bakewells

A new tangy twist on the classic bakewell tart from Asda, complete with a sweet on top. One for the sweet-toothed for sure!

Asda Cherry Bakewell Milk:
Asda Cherry Bakewell Milk

A unique milk drink flavour from Asda here, well done for innovation! Limited edition.

Asda Make Your Own Ice Cream Caramel Delight:
asda make your own ice cream caramel delight

Asda have brought out a new range of "Make your own ice creams", in chocolate, caramel and vanilla varieties. You just add milk, and they come with added mix-ins. Pointless, but fun. Probably.

The Co Op Sugar Free Fruit Salad Chews:
co op sugar free fruit salad chews

Sugar free products are becoming ever more popular and it's nice to see The Co Op doing some sugar free chews, even if they do contain artificial sweetener.

co op rhubarb and rosehip sweets

Also available in the interesting Rhubarb and Rosehip flavour. I can't say I've ever tasted rosehip before!

Pringles Thai Green Curry Street Food Edition:
Pringles Thai Green Curry Street Food Edition

There's so many new Pringles varieties in shops at the moment it's hard to keep track. The main new official editions for the UK are these Street Food flavours, in Thai Green Curry...

Pringles Spicy BBQ Ribs Street Food Edition:
Pringles Spicy BBQ Ribs Street Food Edition

Spicy barbecue...

Pringles Hot Chilli Sauce Street Food Edition:
Pringles Street Food Hot Chilli Sauce

Hot chilli sauce...

Pringles Mac & Cheese Street Food Edition:
Pringles Mac & Cheese Street Food

...and the rather amazing sounding Mac & Cheese! All are available from most supermarkets.

Pringles Ketchup:
pringles ketchup crisps

Not an official UK variety, these only seem to be available from discount stores. Spotted in Bargain Buys.

Nature Valley Popcorn Peanut & Sunflower Seed:
nature valley popcorn bar peanut sunflower

Nature Valley are still expanding their UK bar range, with this nutty popcorn variety, available from Morrisons and Sainsbury's...

Nature Valley Protein Coconut & Almond:
nature valley protein coconut and almond

...and also a Coconut & Almond Protein variety. Spotted in Sainsbury's.

Go Ahead Crunchy Dippers Creamy Coconut:
go ahead crunchy dippers creamy coconut

These sound rather nice...crunchy breadsticks with a creamy coconut dipping sauce. Spotted in Tesco.

Go Ahead Crunchy Dippers Salted Caramel:
go ahead crunchy dippers salted caramel

Also available with Salted Caramel sauce. Spotted in Tesco.

Rude Health Porridge with Almond Butter & Sea Salt:
Rude Health Porridge with Almond Butter & Sea Salt:

Tesco Expresses are now selling these "just add water" Rude Health porridge pots, complete with almond butter. Yummy! Also available with Hazelnut Butter and Cacao.

Quaker Oats Porridge To Go Breakfast Squares:

Some new oaty breakfast bakes from Quaker, available in Golden Syrup and Strawberry, Raspberry & Cranberry varieties. Spotted in Tesco Express.

Deliciously Ella Original Granola:

The Deliciously Ella brand has branched out into breakfast cereal, with both an Original Granola containing seeds and coconut, as well as Bircher Muesli. Both are gluten and dairy free. Spotted in Waitrose.

Lee's Caramel Teacakes:
lee's caramel teacakes

A new varety of Tecakes from Lee's, with a caramel flavour mallow filling. Spotted in Morrisons.

Bailey's Iced Coffee Latte:
baileys iced coffee latte

Fancy a boozy coffee milky drink? Bailey's to the rescue! Spotted in Tesco.

Jim Beam Apple & Honey:
jim beam apple and honey

Some new Jim Beam flavours are out in  Asda in time for the Summer months. Perfect for barbecues...if we see any more sun this Summer that is!

Cadbury Mandolin Bars:
cadbury mandolin chocolate twix

I've left this for last because it's not very widely available at all - you'll be lucky to find a bar, but if you have a Poundstretcher nearby do have a look for these - they're made by Cadbury Egypt and are like a Cadbury version of Twix. Currently on offer at 5 for £1!

Well, that's all stay tuned for more Spotted In Shops and Snack News posts, I'll be doing a lot more in the coming months. Happy Snacking! :)


  1. Awesome roundup. I'd love to try out those Street Food Pringles! I never used to eat them, then I came to Germany and became addicted to the Ketchup flavour. Oh how snack preferences change, eh? :D

    1. Indeed! :D Sometimes I crave things I never used to much care for when I was younger. But never Pringles...I used to eat so many at Christmas the thought of them now makes me feel ill lol!

  2. I love seeing round-ups of what's new in the shops, even if I can't eat most of it. The doubled-up Jelly Babies didn't go down too well in this house, the flavours are not so good. Can't wait to try the Tropical jelly babies.


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