Fox's Glacier Ice Cream Favourites Limited Edition

Fox's Glacier Ice Cream Favourites

I haven't eaten Fox's sweets in a while, although I did used to love both the Mints and Fruits as a kid. Recently, they've been doing some limited editions such as Pop Bottles, and this year there's a new variety for Summer in the shape of these Ice Cream Favourites. The flavours consist of Raspberry Ripple, Strawberry Cream, Rum and Raisin, and Banana. Some bold flavours for sweets I'm sure you'll agree!

I was very excited when I saw these in shops, so I was over the moon a few days later when Fox's sent me a few packs to review. Cheers Fox's!

Fox's Glacier Ice Cream Favourites

The sweets are all individually wrapped and to be honest it was a little difficult distinguishing which flavour was which judging by colour alone. The bright yellow ones were clearly Banana, the paler ones were Rum and Raisin and so on.

Going by taste though it was pretty obvious. And despite my reservations about Rum and Raisin flavoured sweets...they were actually REALLY nice! Yes they tasted a tad artificial, but unless they were going to put real rum in kiddies sweets (imagine the outrage!) then this was inevitable. They were very addictive, I couldn't stop munching, or rather crunching on them.

The Banana flavour were also pretty good, with that fruity sweet flavour we all know and love.

The Raspberry Ripple were very pleasant and comforting, with that vanilla and raspberry combo that works so well in ice cream - they pretty much nailed this flavour.

The Strawberry Cream I didn't really notice as much, it was there and it was nice but not very distinctive when mixed in with the other flavours.

Overall, this is an excellent selection of fun and quirky sweets, with flavours that make them stand out. I would buy these if only for the Rum and Raisin and Banana varieties!

Available from Home Bargains. 

Nutrition (per 100g): 393 Calories, 0.5g Fat, 97.1g Carbohydrates, 69.2g Sugars, 0.1g Protein. 

8.5 out of 10. 


  1. This is an interesting way to try and innovate on what's generally considered a more 'traditional' sweet... The Rum and Raisin is a particularly surprising choice!


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