Monty Bojangles Scofflets: Maple & Hazelnut and Hint of Sea Salt

monty bojangles hint of sea salt scofflets

Recently, the lovely Monty from Monty Bojangles sent me a fantastic truffle hamper to review. I felt like Christmas had come early! There were truffles of every kind, but the ones I'm going to review first are the Scofflets, which are bitesize truffles available in 100g sharing bags from Waitrose stores. There's three varieties which include a Caramel & Cookie version, but today I'm only reviewing the Sea Salt and Maple & Hazelnut due to my gluten allergy (boo!).

Hint of Sea Salt:
monty bojangles hint of sea salt scofflets

So lets start with the Sea Salt variety. I wasn't expecting much, because these aren't salted caramel just salt. Salt can either enhance or spoil a chocolate, so how does it blend with Monty's truffley delights?

Quite well as it turns out! They're creamy, chocolatey, smooth, melt in the mouth, with the lick of salt adding a moreish edge that enhances the flavour further. They're certainly nicer than your average chocolate truffle, and quite easy to scoff a lot of at once. I can see why they're called Scofflets, although maybe they should change it to "Scoffthelot" (h/t to Reaching For Refreshment for that gem!)

These get a delightful 8 out of 10.

Maple & Hazelnut:
monty bojangles maple hazelnut scofflets

I was looking forward to these the most and they certainly did not disappoint. They contain caramelized hazelnut chips as well as maple syrup flavouring, adding a lovely nutty sweetness to the truffles.

monty bojangles maple hazelnut scofflets

They were really, really moreish! The hazelnuts chips were perfectly crunchy with the smoky maple flavour enhancing them even further. The truffle texture was smooth and melt in the mouth, just what you want from a good truffle. The two elements contrasted each other very nicely.

These are fantastic and get an even higher 9 out of 10!

Overall, what can I say...two superb bags of truffles, that are perfect for nibbling just about anywhere. If you spot these in Waitrose be sure to pick up a bag!


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