New Cadbury's Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut CHOPPED

I honestly wasn't going to bother reviewing this new Fruit & Nut Chopped bar from Cadbury when it initially came out, it's just Cadbury upto their usual tricks of giving you less product for the same price, but after reading One Treat's Review I decided it was my duty to inform everyone of just what Cadbury's are upto!


Unlike a regular 120g bar of Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut, this bar contains 95g but costs the same - £1. Opening the wrapper I could instantly see that although the bar looks longer, it's significantly flatter, more like a Milka bar than a Dairy Milk really! It's a shame Mondelez are determined to stamp out the traditional "chunky" style blocks we all used to know and love Dairy Milk for!

Snapping the bar in half I could see the chopped nuts and raisins (or "dried grapes" as Cadbury so enticingly call them on the ingredients list) dispersed throughout, and I must admit it looked like a nicely proportioned bar.

Taking a bite, it tasted ok, there's the familiar creamy Dairy Milk taste which is rather waxy since they changed the recipe, chewy raisins and crunchy bits of nut. Now to be honest due to the chopped nature of them I couldn't really taste much flavour, they could have been any nuts really, which is of course the problem when you change from whole nuts to chopped! It also means they're not as fresh since nuts easily oxidise and go rancid.

Overall, this is an ok bar of chocolate but it's far from a step up, it's exactly the opposite in fact and is totally uneccesary. No British person wants a chopped fruit and nut bar for heaven sake, there's literally no demand for it! So we can only conclude that Cadbury have done this, just like everything else they do nowadays, to cut costs, boost their profits and give the consumer less for their money. Bravo Cadbury, you win again. Don't buy this folks...


  1. They call them dried grapes as they are putting cheaper sultanas in Fruit and Nut as it is cheaper!

  2. I've just bought this and it is really un-satisfying to eat, it's like eating a pancake and the falvour is bland as well. I guess I'll grab a yorkie if I'm after chunky chocolate.

  3. although it would mean less in size I would rather have the full nuts and raisins rather than this chopped up clap-trap.

    Since Kraft did that hostile takeover (yes I say a hostile takeover) they have ruined Cadbury's permanently.

  4. They call them "Dried Grapes" as they sometimes use raisins and sometimes use sultanas and hence cover both bases with dried grapes.

  5. Wow Kraft are really trying to ruin Cadburys rep! Talk about the wicked step-mother! Horrible.. This chopped crap is crap! Since learning they have discontinued the whole nut in larger Fruit n Nut bars i've gone nuts! Only buy the small bars now. Noone likes the chopped bars, did they do their research??


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