Milka Choqsplash Hazelnut

Last year Cadbury launched the new Dairy Milk Puddles, and if the clearance section in Tesco is anything to go by they may not be selling very well. I personally liked them although I do think they're a bit of a ripoff for the price. So I was excited to see this Milka version of the same thing in 99p Stores recently. Milka chocolate is usually a lot creamier than Dairy Milk, it's less sugar-dominated and more milky (alpine milk to be exact), so I was certain these would be good.

The bars have the same design as Dairy Milk Puddles, curved "puddle" shaped blocks - perhaps this is where the "splash" part of the name comes from. Each piece contains a syrupy hazelnut filling.

These were definitely a lot more pleasant than Dairy Milk Puddles, the chocolate starts off creamy and smoother than Dairy Milk, with the hazelnut syrup adding a sweet tasty hit of hazelnut. It's not quite upto the standards of Nutella and I'm puzzled why they didn't use a Nutella style filling instead, but hey-ho, it's tasty! 

Overall, I have to say Milka Choqsplash has an edge over Dairy Milk Puddles and is much superior, simply because of the better quality chocolate. If you spot these in 99p stores I'd highly recommend giving them a try, there's a mint variety too and if you buy two bars you get one free. Bargain! 

8 out of 10. 


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