Tropical Sun Coconut Peanuts, Cream, Milk & Water Review

Many thanks to Tropical Sun for sending me a selection of their coconut products to review recently! As readers of this blog will know I'm a big fan of coconut...I looove coconut butter and regularly use it to make desserts - anything coconut-based and I'm there!

What intrigued me most about these snacks was the combination of coconut and peanuts - it's certainly not a flavour you'll see amongst your average pub peanuts!

Premium Creamed Coconut:

Boasting no artificial colours or preservatives, this is pure coconut cream formed into a block and great for cooking. I don't have any pics of my culinary creations sadly (they tend to get very messy!) but I can report that it made a lovely rich curry! Just melt the block with hot water, add spices, veg etc and it will make a very creamy sauce - much nicer and healthier than vegetable oils often used in curries. Coconut milk is also a source of MCT's (medium chain fats), that get used up by the body much faster than other fats.

100% Natural Coconut Milk:

Again, boasting no artificial colours or additives, this coconut milk makes a change from most store varieties as it doesn't contain any thickeners or e-numbers. Just pure coconut extract and water! I ended up using this to make a coconut milk hot chocolate - just cocoa powder and coconut milk, heated in the microwave for a few minutes. It made a delicious and satisfying cocoa! I would highly recommend it.

Coconut Water:

No artificial flavours or additives here either; this is a lovely refreshing coconut water containing naturally occuring electrolytes. This was a very pleasant thirst-quenching drink.

Crunchy Coconut Peanuts:

Last but not least...the star of the show...coconut peanuts! This is an interesting combination in that peanuts are usually associated with savoury flavours like salt, pepper, spices, etc., but the coconut cream here makes them sweeter and creamier and a bit less savoury. They're still very crunchy and highly moreish, with a softer edge. I'm not sure they'd work with beer but they're certainly a great snack for watching a film with - highly recommended!

This is a selection of great quality products from Tropical Sun, the peanuts in particular are such a cool novelty that I would highly recommend trying them if you get the chance! You can check out for more info/buying options.

*Products provided for honest review. 


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