Tesco Finest Lemon, Belgian White Chocolate & Lavender Desserts

Whilst I was at Tesco one Sunday an announcement came on the speakers about reduced items in the chiller aisle. So of course, everyone in the store practically ran there to pick up some bargains, and in the mad rush I just about managed to snatch these "Lemon, Belgian White Chocolate & Lavender" desserts before anyone else got them!

The desserts come in plastic pots with a layer of white chocolate dessert at the bottom and a fruity lemon compote on top.

I'm mostly going by memory but what I remember most is that they were gorgeous! The white chocolate dessert was exceptionally creamy; with fresh double cream and white chocolate. It was similar to Cadbury Pots of Joy White Chocolate but much better quality. The lemon compote on top was very fresh and zingy, complimenting the white chocolate layer beautifully. The only issue is that I couldn't really taste any lavender. If it was there it must have been very mild!

Overall, these are delicious desserts, although I'm not sure if Tesco still sell them or not. I've seen similar ones with Senga Strawberry which may have replaced them. If anyone knows or has tried either one please let me know in the comments!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.


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