It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...New Xmas Products Superpost!

Some new Christmas goodies spotted in shops recently...I predict these are just the tip of the iceberg!

Nestlé Aero Milk Chocolate Bubble: At first I thought this was an Easter Egg! It's a similar concept...a hollow milk chocolate "bubble" containing milk chocolate Aero Bubbles. I wonder if this idea will take off? Spotted at Morrisons.

Toblerone Triangle Block: As cool as this looks I'll wait until the large white chocolate Toblerone's are reduced in price to get my Toblerone fix this year. Available in most supermarkets. 

Guylian Caramel Belgian Seashells: Also new for Christmas this year are these Guylian caramel seashells. I'm not sure if they contain soft caramel or a caramel flavoured filling...if anyone's tried them please let me know! Spotted at Tesco & WH Smiths. 

Also available in Crunchy Biscuit.

And in small boxes of Vanilla flavour (Poundland).

Plus mini boxes of Nestlé Dairy Box are available in Poundland.

As well small boxes of Paynes Just Brazils in Milk and Dark chocolate.

Cadbury Heroes welcome Wispa!: There was an uproar last Christmas when Cadbury added mini Toblerones to Heroes (let's be honest, they don't belong there...they're not even a Cadbury brand!), but thankfully they've seen the error of their ways and replaced them with mini Wispas instead. Hurrah! Spotted at local department store. 

Bassett's Jelly Babies Tin: These tins would make the perfect gift for fans of Jelly Babies (and Doctor Who!). Spotted at local department store.

Liquorice Allsorts Bertie Bassett Tin: Or if you're more into Liquorice Allsorts there's these cool looking Bertie Bassett tins! Spotted at local department store. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Milk Chocolate Chunks: These are really nothing special and Cadbury have done them for years now...but still I think they look really cool in this festive milk carton box! Spotted at local department store. 

Fudge Kitchen The Twelve Flavours of Indulgence: These "Gourmet Fudge Pearls" from Fudge Kitchen sound interesting. They're handmade and decorated fudges, dipped in chocolate and come in twelve different flavours. A perfect gift for anyone who loves fudge! Spotted at local department store. 

Lindor Milk & White Chocolate Winter Edition: Lindt are doing a new Milk & White chocolate Lindor for Christmas this year. Spotted at Tesco & Morrisons.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Biscuits Tins: These are just the same Dairy Milk biscuits found in most supermarkets made by Burtons - nothing special unfortunately, so I don't know why they've been given their own tin. They could have at least put in some of the Caramel/Crunchie/Wispa varieties too! Spotted at Superdrug.

Cadbury Santa's Arctic Friends: These are a Christmas variation on Cadbury Animals biscuits. Spotted at B&M.

Nestlé After Eight Finest Mint Selection: This selection first made an appearance in the 90's (I remember trying them at school!), but in recent years it's made a comeback. Contains milk, dark and white chocolate leaves with a mint creme filling. Spotted at B&M.

Nestlé Milkybar Santa and Friends: These hollow Milkybar figures are rather thin and flimsy, and always seem to be squashed! Maybe try being les stingy and using thicker chocolate next time, eh Nestlé? Spotted at B&M.

Nestlé Munchies Supertube: Large tubes of chocolate are the in thing this year, and this one contains 3 x 100g bags of Munchies. A shame they didn't do mega sized Munchies instead! Spotted at Morrisons.

Nestlé Quality Street Luxury Tin: This gold tin looks much fancier than the regular Quality Street one! Now if only they would bring back the peanut crackle chocolates! Spotted at B&M.

There's also this "wreath" version. Spotted at local department store.

Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis Milk & Exploding Candy: Mondelez are pushing the Chocolate Orange brand to the max this year and Exploding Candy is the new variety to join the Minis range. Spotted at B&M but available pretty much everywhere for about £1.

Thorntons Classics Winter Favourites: This new seasonal edition of Thorntons Classics contains 3 new chocolate flavours. I forget what they are exactly but I seem to recall it was something like cranberry and orange cream, a new flavour of Turkish delight, and a new fruit and nut truffle. Spotted at WH Smith.

Thorntons Puddings from Classics: Thorntons are doing a special box of Puddings chocolates from their Classics range for Christmas too. Spotted at Superdrug.

Thorntons Alpini Contintental Pralines: These aren't new but the format is...they now come in boxes similar in size to Lindor. Spotted at Morrisons.

Also available in Viennese.

Nestlé Quality Street Giant Strawberry Dream: Sadly this isn't a giant strawberry just contains lots of regular strawberry creams. It's joining the Giant Toffee Finger and Giant Purple One from last year. There doesn't appear to be a large Fudge version this year (see my review of it from last year HERE). Spotted at Superdrug.

Asda Extra Special Salted Caramel Sponge Pudding: The supermarkets are getting creative with their puds for Christmas this year...and what could be better than salted caramel?!

Nestlé Kitkat Chunky Collection: Unfortunately this isn't a mega sized Kitkat Chunky but a box of three different Kitkat Chunky flavours. Spotted at Superdrug.

Nestlé Smarties Giant Tubes: Continuing the theme of giant snacks are these huge Smarties tubes. I would have loved these as a kid! Spotted at Superdrug.

Ferrero Golden Gallery: This Ferrero collection contains a selection of nougats, Rocher, white and dark chocolates. Sounds delicious! Spotted at Superdrug.

Nestlé Pink Smarties Tubes: These tubes of pink Smarties have been around a while and seem to come and go, but they have returned once again! Personally I wish they'd bring back the orange flavoured ones...they were the best! Spotted at Asda.

Kinder Mini Figures: These cute mini chocolate figures will no doubt be very popular with kids. Spotted at Asda.

Monty Bojangles Merry Berry Crumble! I had to look twice when I saw first I thought it said Mary Berry Crumble! I'm sure this is their intention! Spotted at Superdrug.

Monty Bojangles Bucks Fizz Fandango: Bucks Fizz truffles sound a little sickly to me..I can't see these being poplar. Spotted at Superdrug.

Werther's Original Golden Mix: The perfect gift for any beloved grandparent! A selection of all the different Werther's Original varieties such as eclairs, fudges etc. Spotted at local department store.

And if you have very hungry grandparents, there's this mega bag!

One Direction Fruit Jellies: The perfect gift for teenage girls all over the world, no doubt.

Ferrero Rocher Gold Tin: If the regular boxes of Ferrero Rocher just arent posh enough for you, theres always this gold tin!

Giant Lindor Balls! Available in milk or white chocolate. Spotted at Waitrose.

Ultimate English Cranberry Fudge: Ultimate English are a Harrogate based company, and I've been meaning to review their fudge for a while now (stay tuned!). This festive Cranberry variety is available from B&M and having tried some of their other fudge flavours I can guarantee it's good stuff!

Nestlé After Eight Yogurts: These have been out a while but I just had to mention them as they seem like the perfect yogurt to eat over the Winter months! Spotted at Asda.

Baileys Truffle Bar: This isn't really new, it's just been re-packaged with a plastic wrapper. It makes a perfect gift though for anyone who likes Baileys! Spotted at B&M.

Lindor Dark Orange Limited Edition: WH Smith stocked this limited edition last year and it's made a return again! It seems to only be available from WH Smith so if you're a fan of orange chocolate head there to stock up.

Pergale Cherry & Berry Collection: Poundland have several new Pergale selection boxes just in time for Christmas, for that cheap "obligatory" gift we all have to give to someone!

Also available in Dark Chocolate...

And Marzipan (yuck!)

Also perfect for a cheap gift are these Roses, Quality Street & Celebrations Mini Boxes! I wonder how many sweets each one contains? Spotted at Superdrug.

If you fancy some Quality Street "on the go" there's also this new Quality Street Sharing Bag. Spotted at Asda.

Toblerone Fruit & Nut (small bar): And if you like Fruit and Nut Toblerone it's now available in a small bars. Personally I think part of the charm of Toblerone is the huge triangular chunks that nearly break your teeth, so won't be buying this. Spotted at B&M.

Marks & Spencer Chocolate Orange Twigs: And now we move onto Marks & Spencer's Christmas goodies. They have a lot of new stuff out but unfortunately I was asked not to take pictures (store policy apparently!). Luckily I managed to get these snaps before I was thwarted! First up are these Orange Chocolate Twigs - milk chocolate with pieces of crunchy orange, similar to Matchmakers. I'm sure they're much nicer!

Also available in Mint.

For anyone who hates sprouts Marks & Spencer have the solution! Solid Milk Chocolate Sprouts...grown in the North Pole!

As well as these Chocolate Clementines...selected by reindeer!

Chocolate Puddings: Chocolates with Christmas Pudding flavoured last, I've been waiting for someone to make actual Christmas Pudding flavoured chocolates for ages!

Mini Yeti Gingerbread Men: A cool new take on gingerbread men...these ones are covered with dessicated coconut!

Dark Chocolate Jazzies (made without dairy): These are a more adult version of Jazzies made with dark chocolate, and as a bonus they're dairy-free for those who are dairy-intolerant!

Marks and Spencer Winter Fruit Chutney: I'm not really a fan of chutney, but this sounds intriguing.

Crystallized Stem Ginger Curd: Fans of ginger will no doubt love this!

Mulled Berry Conserve: Not my sort of thing but I'm sure many will love it!

Gluten Free Christmas Pudding: M&S are great at gluten-free food and this year have made a normal sized Christmas pudding so celiacs don't feel left out. Hurrah! No mean-spirited dinky little ones like most supermarkets do!

They're also doing an Alcohol Free one for those who don't like it in their pud (this includes me). Hurrah again!

Plus a Cranberry and Clementine variety...

As well as Black Forest!...surely this is a first?

This Marks & Spencer Dulce De Leche Chocolate slab really intrigues's a blend of milk and white chocolate mixed with dulce de leche caramel, and judging by the display it appears to be a caramel chocolate in a similar vein to "blond chocolate" Valrhona Dulcey (or a luxury Caramac, if you will!)

The Chocolatier's Box: I don't think I've ever seen blue chocolates before! I'd really love to try this box...

Italian Milk Chocolate Coffee Hazelnuts: Coffee and hazelnuts sounds like the perfect combination!

Sparkling Wine Truffles: Not sure I fancy these...

Italian Dessert Chocolate Assortment: These however sound more up my street!

The Gastronomic Collection: Not sure what flavours these contain...

The Mixologists Box: Flavours from around the world...sounds interesting! Will someone please get me some"review"? ;)

Christmas Candles Dessert: This elabroate dessert consists of "Brown sugar meringue roulades filled with cinnamon and salted caramel, finished with belgian chocolate ganache and chocolate flames". Sounds like a special treat!

Well, that's it for now...I expect there'll be many more Christmas snacks to come in the following months though! If you've spotted any new stuff do let me know via Comments, Twitter or Email!


  1. Wow, Smarties Giant Tubes and big Toblerone look amazing! It could be great idea for X-mas present. :)
    And I really want to try After Eight Yoghurt (I had seen it once, but decided not to buy :< ).

    PS sorry, my English isn't perfect (Greetings from Poland ;) ).

    1. Greetings Natalia! :) Is xmas stuff out in shops yet in Poland?

    2. No it's too early. I think they will be in November.

  2. Wow - loving this post I always write a list of things I must buy after reading your blog posts!

    Zoe x

  3. I'm glad that Cadbury Heroes now has Wispas included, I may even buy a tub this year!

  4. omg! loads of new stuff, Creme Egg and Eclairs still in heroes, madness.

    My favourite is the coconut gingerbread men

  5. There's almost too many nice things this Christmas!

  6. Ben and Jerry's have christmas flavour ice creams in ASDA at the mo too.

    1. I'll be mentioning them soon :) Have you seen all the new chocolate orange products at Asda recently?

  7. Chocolate will never be my enemy. Parsnips will never be my friend.


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