Kev's Christmas Pick & Miss

As a quick last-minute post before taking a blogging break over Christmas I thought I'd do a little round-up of the gifts I would recommend and the ones I would avoid this year...enjoy!

Kev's Picks:

Hotel Chocolat Xmas Sleekster:

The Hotel Chocolat Christmas Sleekser is delicious and an absolute must for anyone who likes a variety of tasty chocolates! Available from

Artisan Du Chocolat Magic Wands:

These are pricey but oh so tasty! I can't imagine anyone being disappointed at receiving a beautiful box of these for Christmas!

Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Collection:

Ok, I haven't actually tried these yet, in fact they will be shared out with my family over Xmas...but don't they look amazing?! The flavours are xmas pudding, passionfruit and salted caramel. Available from

Honeycomb Matchmakers:

These are cheap but oh-so moreish! I would highly recommend picking up a pack of these from Tesco or Premier Stores!

Morrisons Belgian Chocolate Turkeys:

These look very cute and are perfect for kids, so I can forgive them for their cheapo chocolate!

Ritter Sport Caramel Orange:

Available from, this is a fantastic chocolate bar for all the Chocolate Orange lovers out there!

Ritter Sport Kokosmakrone:

And for the coconut chocolate lovers, this bar is just as good! Also available from

Kev's Misses:

Cadbury Roses:

One of the worst things you could do this year is bother with Cadbury Roses - see my rant about them HERE.

Quality Street Fruit Cremes:

I was looking forward to trying these Quality Street Fruit Cremes especially as they contain a new lemon flavour, but they were a huge disappointment. Just don't bother with them - even with their inevitable post-xmas price reductions!

Cadbury Snow Bites:

I haven't reviewed these Cadbury Snow Bites yet, but they're so sickly sweet and pointless I don't see the point. They're basically Cadbury Mini Eggs rolled in icing sugar.

Well, that's it for a while...I look forward to getting back to blogging after the festive period and hopefully finding more fun new snacks worth writing about! 

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my followers and fellow bloggers!


  1. Hope you have a very Merry and choc filled Christmas Kev!

  2. Thanks for the mentions Kev. I'm glad you enjoyed the Ritter Sport Winter Creation. :) Hope you had a great Xmas


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