Moo Free Vegan White Chocolate Hammy The Hamster

moo free white chocolate

The ever-growing list of Vegan and Dairy Free chocolate options continues to expand, with Galaxy now making their own bars and a Plant Based Cadbury Dairy Milk being planned...and luckily there's also some new white chocolate vegan options popping up too.

I've only tried a few varieties so far, there's not many but the supermarket versions I've had were pretty bad. So when I discovered this new Moo Free White Chocolate Easter figure I was cautious...would it be as bad as some of the others?

These are available in quite a few supermarkets now with prices ranging from £3-£4, and consists of a strawberry flavoured vegan white chocolate hollow hamster, that is made with recycled packaging and is soya free. It's made with rice milk and starch rather than the maltodextrin found in supermarket versions - which is good news for those who are gluten free since maltodextrin can sometimes cause problems.

moo free white chocolate

I was so surprised by how nice this was! The white chocolate is smooth, creamy and melts in the mouth which is a hard task when there's no milk in it. The strawberry flavour blends beautifully with it, it's real strawberry oil so doesn't taste artificial. I was surprised how well the flavours blended to be honest and this tasted probably better than it might do without the strawberry (although I haven't tried Moo Free's regular white chocolate, which they launched just recently).

If you're vegan or just need an allergen free creamy chocolate for Easter, this is for you! It's super moreish and one for the white chocolate lovers. If however you prefer something with more cocoa, there's a Caramel flavour Moo Free Bunny available in Tesco which is also highly delicious!

Seen in: Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose. 

9 out of 10. 


  1. These is so much choices now huh! Spied a few good vegan ones in Sainsburys the other day.

    This guy looks too cute to eat - I'd feel guilty lol!

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