Cadbury Caramilk Twirl Review

Cadbury Caramilk twirl

As usual, Australia get all the best new snack releases and that’s no exception with these Cadbury Caramilk Twirls, which luckily you can get from Gb Gifts website (code Kevs10 gets 10% off). I’ve tried the regular Aussie Caramilk bar already and enjoyed it but this Twirl takes it to the next’s delicious!

Cadbury Caramilk twirl

It’s folds of swirly caramelised white chocolate, that tastes a bit like Caramac but creamier with a good coating of Cadbury milk chocolate to balance out the sweetness. It’s reminiscent of Cadbury Snowflake, if you remember those. Perhaps even better!

A delicious concoction which of course means we won’t be getting it in the U.K, but let’s hope import companies are able to keep a steady stream coming into the country! For now keep your eyes on GB Gifts for incoming stock plus lots more Aussie and European limited editions.



  1. Oh man, wish I could eat that! Looks good.

  2. Looks tasty. Shame we don't get them over here.

  3. I was just going to say that reminds me of a Snowflake! Loved loved loved those. These look and sound so good


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