Pepsi Max Raspberry new for the UK!

pepsi max raspberry

Berries seem to be the in thing to add to Cola at the moment, what with the new Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry and Coca Cola Zero Raspberry I reviewed last month. Pepsi are getting in on it too with a new flavour - Pepsi Max Raspberry (in other cola news there's also going to be a Coca Cola Vanilla Orange launched in the US!). 

It wasn't easy to get one of these. I first had to go through a few rounds of messaging Tesco's customer support to find out if there was any stock...then when I went to Tesco there was none on shelf...and eventually, after asking a member of staff who tried to fob me off and then went to look for me...I had one! After all that effort, I was hoping it'd be worth it! 

The ingredients are pretty much the same as any Pepsi Max, an array of flavourings and sweeteners, but whatever. I popped the bottle in the fridge and waited for it to become nice and chilled. 

pepsi max raspberry

Using my fancy Root 7 glass (available here for anyone interested) I poured some out to try. It has that unmistakable fizziness of Pepsi Max, that is somehow better than Coca Cola in my opinion. The taste is... well first I was hit with the regular Pepsi taste, very strong, full on and better than Cocoa Cola. I can see why they call it "Max" because despite there being no sugar you wouldn't think so - there's no strong artificial sweetener taste like you get with Diet Coke. The raspberry is pleasant, fruity and fairly subtle but not too shy either. In other words it's "just right". I think this one is actually better than the Coca Cola Raspberry, simply because I prefer Pepsi Max in general. The mix of raspberry and stronger cola flavour blends well. Does it outshine Pepsi Max Cherry though? Not really - nothing can beat such a classic flavour - but it's certainly pretty great in its own right. 

Overall then, this is another win for berry flavoured cola, and I hope it sticks around! Long may these new flavour variations continue...



  1. i love cherry pepsi max so much. coca cola just doesnt do zero drinks very well imo, they just taste blah. if i can find cans ill try this, try to avoid plastic bottles (same for fanta grape, hope they do cans too)

  2. Currently on offer in Tesco apparently; £1 a bottle...


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