Montezuma's Absolute Black Easter Egg with Cocoa Nibs & Buttons

Montezuma's Absolute Black Easter Egg with Cocoa Nibs & Buttons

A huge thankyou to Montezuma's for sending me this Absolute Black Easter egg to review recently! Since I first heard of it I was eager to try it; I do enjoy Montezuma's Absolute Black bars - they're a godsend when trying to cut back on sugar intake and still enjoy some chocolate. So in Easter Egg form it makes the perfect treat for anyone wiahing to stick to a sugar free diet over the Easter period! Not only is it made with 100% cocoa chocolate, the shell contains cocoa nibs and there's a sachet of 100% Dark Chocolate buttons with it too.

Montezuma's Absolute Black Easter Egg with Cocoa Nibs & Buttons

The egg was silver foil wrapped, a nice touch compared to some of the shiny plastic wrappers found on many Easter Eggs.

Montezuma's Absolute Black Easter Egg with Cocoa Nibs & Buttons

Ripping open the foil, the egg looked super shiny - I didn't want to break it!

Montezuma's Absolute Black Easter Egg with Cocoa Nibs & Buttons

But it had to be done...for reviewing purposes! The shell is nice and thick with the cocoa nibs peeking out in places. Biting into a piece, there's the classic rich cocoa flavour of the Absolute Black Dark Chocolate punctuated with some earthier notes from the nibs, which do a great job of breaking up the texture and preventing it becoming boring, as I imagine it would without any additions at all. The buttons make for a nice accompaniment to nibble on separately, although due to the rich nature of them you won't be eating a lot at once. They're nice to have a few with a cuppa.

I do think it would have been nice if Montezuma's had included some other kind of addition, like coated nuts or something, although that would be unfair to those with allergies. This egg is certainly king when it comes to being allergen free - no sugar, dairy, nuts, gluten or soya, so it caters for everyone! It's made in a factory that processes dairy and nuts, of course, so if you are super sensitive please be aware of this.

Overall, in my opinion this is a superb egg and probably better than the Hotel Chocolat 100% Dark I reviewed last year. Although that one was nice, this one is a bit smoother in taste and easier to eat.

If you're avoiding dairy or sugar - this is the egg for you! Find it on (they deliver within 24 hours, so hurry if you want one by the weekend!)

On the topic of Easter Eggs, if you've ever wondered why we eat Eggs at Easter here's an article from Montezuma's that explains all!

8.5 out of 10. 


  1. Dark choc is my favourite but i can't get on with the 100%. Ill never forget the first time i bought some from hotel chocolat, i was in the middle of a shop when i opened it thinking it would be amazing and i wanted to spit it out - the texture was awful and i just hated it. i gave it to my mum to use for cooking but i dont think she used it in the end. that was over a decade ago so maybe its improve since!!

    1. Haha it is definitely an "aquired taste"! You have to have stopped eating sugar for a while to get used to it, I think.


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