Nakd Apple Danish & Banana Bread New Recipes

Nakd Apple Danish

Recently, I was sent a batch of snacks to review including some of the new Nakd bars with a "New Recipe", so I thought I'd start with some of the more interesting flavours from the selection: Apple Danish and Banana Bread! The Apple Danish replaces the previous Apple Pie Nakd bar and I wasn't sure what the difference was so I looked it up...seems that this Apple Danish contains cashews rather than peanuts and almonds, and it also contains "fruit extract and concentrate" which consists of apple and carob.

Nakd Apple Danish:
nakd apple danish

This one tasted lovely with a subtle apple flavour and nice chewy texture. The natural spices are gentle and comforting and give it that authentic Apple Danish flavour. Although you could still pretend it's Apple Pie too! I really enjoyed this. 8 out of 10.

Nakd Banana Bread:
nakd banana bread

The Banana Bread one was perhaps even more exciting, replicating the classic banana cakey treat in bar form. It contains real bananas as well as walnuts and the same "fruit extract" of apple and carob. It tastes delicious, with a realistic and yummy banana flavour that is very comforting.The oats make it feel very satisfying and substantial. If you love banana flavoured treats this is definitely one for you! 8 out of 10.

nakd banana bread

Overall, these are two excellent bars from Nakd that feel like real treats indeed despite being healthy. The fact they're made with all natural ingredients is great, plus they're suitable for vegans and gluten-free! Highly recommended.

Nutrition per 30g bar:
Apple Danish: 98 Calories, 1.4g Fat, 18.8g Carbohydrates, 14.9g Sugars, 1.8g Protein, 1.5g Fibre.

Banana Bread: 94 Calories, 2g Fat, 16.6g Carbohydrates, 13.2g Sugars, 1.8g Protein, 1.2g Fibre. 

Apple Danish: Dates, Gluten Free Oats, Raisins, Fruit extract & concentrate (apple, carob), cashews, apples, a hint of natural flavouring cinnamon & nutmeg.

Banana Bread: Dates, Bananas, Gluten Free Oats, Raisins, Walnuts, Fruit extract (apple, carob), A hint of natural flavouring cinnamon & nutmeg.


  1. Hmmm. I was an early adopter of nakd bars (in that when i used to buy them no one else seemed to have heard of them) - not liking the addition of cashews into the mix - there's just something about them i don't know. Cashew is the only nakd bar i just don't like and having tried some protein thing from Graze the other week which used cashews and i didn't realise, i'm fairly convinced that anything with cashews is not for me. Think I'll stick to the banana bread of this variety, although i've not bought this kind for years - the cocoa orange etc ones are just too nice :-)

    1. *something about them i don't like - not don't know!


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