The Coconut Collaborative Coconut & Vanilla "Snowconut" Frozen Yogurt

Whilst in Sainsbury's recently I fancied something a bit different to a regular ice cream, something light and refreshing. So instead of the usual Ben and Jerrys or Haagen Dazs (which are always on special offer making it hard to break my addiction to them!) I went for this dairy free frozen yogurt alternative. It's dairy free because it's made with coconut yogurt instead of regular milk yogurt. Yes...for those who may be unaware you can now get yogurt made from coconut milk!

I sneakily ate some at the Sainsbury's cafe, which I know is strictly verboten but I had paid for a coffee so I wasn't totally taking the Mick! Anyway, I can report that the ice yogurt was very tasty indeed! It's definitely not as full on as a tub of Ben and Jerry's, it tasted light and refreshing, and not overly sweet either. It didn't feel "heavy" like regular ice cream, which is no doubt due to it being dairy-free. It doesn't contain sugar and is sweetened with grape juice, so if you're trying to cut down on sugar that's another bonus.

Overall, this is a tasty and refreshing frozen yogurt, and would probably make a perfect partner to fresh raspberries. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!

RATING8 out of 10.


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