Sunday, 23 October 2016

Chocolate Choccers: M&M's copycat (Poundland)

Chocolate choccera poundland

When I saw this pack of "Choccers" in Poundland recently I must admit I had to do a double first I thought they were a new variety of M&Ms: the packaging is practically identical. Then after reading the packet I realized they're not associated with Mars at all - they're made by a Spanish company for Sweet Heaven. I'm not sure how Poundland can get away with selling such a blatant copycat product, especially considering the dispute between Mars and Mondelez in Sweden recently (Mars are blocked from selling M&Ms in Sweden, as Mondelez sell a similar product called Marabou M's).

But they're selling these regardless, costing £1 as you might guess, and they're described as "couverture chocolate in a crisp colored shell".

Chocolate Choccers

Opening the pack, they all looked the same as M&Ms with their bright colours. I poured them into my fancy new star dish from Home Bargains.

Chocolate Choccers

Taste-wise they were...a bit eh. Super sugary because of the sugar shells, and the chocolate didn't taste all that nice to be honest, it was rather cheap and a bit like calendar chocolate. Munching on a handful was a joyless experience...despite the fact they looked so bright and colorful. I ended up throwing most of the pack in the bin...something I rarely do!

Overall, these are a huge disappointment, and they've only set themselves up for this by pretending to be M&Ms in the first place. The weird thing is...Poundland already sells M&Ms. So why would anyone choose this inferior version? Is there a market for products that taste worse than the original even when they're the same price? Baffling! This is one to avoid folks...

4 out of 10. 


  1. The only 'knock-off' M&Ms I have tried are chocolate peanuts from Hema, a Dutch-themed shop that is similar to Tiger but I quite enjoyed them and I got a lot more in a bag than I do in original peanut M&Ms.

  2. I bought these knock offs today. They are absolutely disgusting and I think you've been generous giving them a 4 out of 10. Can't believe Poundland would say there Couverture chocolate as well because it taste like the cheapest cooking chocolate.