Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Milka Choqsplash Hazelnut

Last year Cadbury launched the new Dairy Milk Puddles, and if the clearance section in Tesco is anything to go by they may not be selling very well. I personally liked them although I do think they're a bit of a ripoff for the price. So I was excited to see this Milka version of the same thing in 99p Stores recently. Milka chocolate is usually a lot creamier than Dairy Milk, it's less sugar-dominated and more milky (alpine milk to be exact), so I was certain these would be good.

The bars have the same design as Dairy Milk Puddles, curved "puddle" shaped blocks - perhaps this is where the "splash" part of the name comes from. Each piece contains a syrupy hazelnut filling.

These were definitely a lot more pleasant than Dairy Milk Puddles, the chocolate starts off creamy and smoother than Dairy Milk, with the hazelnut syrup adding a sweet tasty hit of hazelnut. It's not quite upto the standards of Nutella and I'm puzzled why they didn't use a Nutella style filling instead, but hey-ho, it's tasty! 

Overall, I have to say Milka Choqsplash has an edge over Dairy Milk Puddles and is much superior, simply because of the better quality chocolate. If you spot these in 99p stores I'd highly recommend giving them a try, there's a mint variety too and if you buy two bars you get one free. Bargain! 

8 out of 10. 

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

New Galaxy Golden Eggs

It seems the Golden Hen has become a bit broody recently and decided to lay some eggs! Yes, it's not even Christmas Day yet but Easter eggs are already in the shops...crazy.

Despite the madness of eating Easter eggs in December, I have to say I was rather excited when I found these in WH Smiths over the weekend. For £1 you get 80g of Galaxy mini eggs containing pieces of crunchy caramel, all rolled in a gold coloured coating.

The eggs looked very cool indeed, the gold coating creates a nice effect and makes them look more special than your average mini egg.

They tasted a bit plainer than they looked however. It's basically creamy Galaxy milk chocolate with some crunchy sugar pieces added...they reminded me of the Galaxy Honeycomb bar that's now been discontinued. They were pleasant, I enjoyed them, but I couldn't help think they're more style over substance.

Overall, these are pleasant enough chocolates and I'm sure they'll be very popular thanks to the gold colouring, but I doubt I will buy them when the Easter season eventually arrives. Now, let's get on with Christmas!

RATING: 7 out of 10.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Burts Festive Roast Turkey & Chestnut Stuffing Crisps

I don't know if it's just me but I've noticed there's A LOT of "luxury" crisp manufacturers popping up in supermarkets recently, like it's a big deal. There's Kettle chips of course who are the original boys on the scene, they've been out years now, but recently there's been other companies to step in too...Tyrell's, Burts, and more besides. 

Anyway when I saw this bag of Burts roast turkey and chestnut stuffing flavour in Aldi over the weekend I obviously had to give it a try since it's both in the "luxury" category, it's the festive season and well, I'd be a Scrooge not to! They were only £1 - bargain! 

The crisps actually contain real Norfolk bronze turkey powder, as well as various herbs and spices, and are free of msg and artificial flavours.

They were nice and thick but the flavourings, as always with these types of crisps had sunk to the bottom of the bag. I gave it a shake but still the most strongly flavoured crisps were at the bottom. 

To be honest, I wasn't that impressed with the flavour, it was predominantly herbs like thyme...I couldn't taste much turkey or chestnut but I could certainly taste stuffing! They were a bit boring really, not particularly meaty. 

Overall these are ok, but nothing particularly special or exciting. I guess turkey is too plain of a flavour to translate well to crisps. I'll stick with the turkey dinner this Chrimbo! 

RATING: it's a bah humbug 6 out of 10 for these! 

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Vego Vegan Dairy Free Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Recently, Grocery Gems did a review of this Vego Vegan Hazelnut chocolate bar, and after reading her review I immediately wanted to track this down. She described it as being like Nutella which sounded like the best thing ever to me!

I found it in a local charity shop (of all places) that sells vegan products, and decided to go for the "mini" version for £1.69 (there's also a larger bar).

The bar comes in two large, substantial blocks which are very thick and chunky. Splitting them apart revealed some whole hazelnuts embedded in the chocolate:

With it being a vegan bar of course it didn't contain any dairy, but you'd never guess! It tasted so rich and creamy and hazelnutty I was in heaven...Grocery Gems description of Nutella was spot on! The whole hazelnuts further added to the luxury, reminding me a little of Ferraro Rocher. This is a very rich and indulgent bar indeed and I certainly didn't miss the dairy!

Overall, I have to say this is a fantastic chocolate bar, and I'm sad I've never even noticed it until now. I think the packaging is what sadly lets it down...it looks boring and uninviting and doesn't reflect how nice he chocolate is at all! Do Vego want this to remain a vegan secret?! Maybe so...but I'm sure glad I gave this a try, it beats many chocolate bars with dairy and is far superior. I'd be happy to become vegan myself knowing I could eat treats like this!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10. 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Asda Rainbow Choc White Chocolate

Many years ago, Nestle brought out a white chocolate Smarties bar. Many people won't remember it as it wasn't around for long, but needless to say it was a pretty tasty bar of chocolate. Sadly they discontinued it, leaving a gap in the market for chocolate bars with colorful "chocolate beans" embedded in them. Now it seems Asda have come to the rescue with their new "Rainbow Choc" bar, for the very low price of 60p for 100g.

Sadly, it's nowhere near as good as the White Smarties bar used to be. The white chocolate tastes very cheap, with little creaminess and a lot of sugariness. The chocolate beans don't add much to the flavour either, maybe a little hint of overly sweet, cheap milk chocolate but that's all. This is a very poor bar indeed....

Overall, I would urge people to avoid this; it's just a gimmick from Asda to sell poor quality white chocolate. I imagine it's aimed at children, but please don't give your kids cheap rubbish like this, it's just not worth it even if the price tag is low! Stick with Milkybar...

RATING: 4 out of 10. 

Monday, 14 December 2015

Marks & Spencer Milk, Dark & White Chocolate Bar

Marks & Spencer have recently brought out a few interesting bars in their own-brand chocolate range, there's a caramel one, a Bubbly one and this...a combination of milk, white & dark chocolate in the same bar. Can't decide which chocolate you fancy? Now you don't have to...have a bit of everything!

Opening the wrapper, on the front side the bar had spiky, almost pyramid shaped blocks. They reminded me a little bit of Toblerone. The back of the bar revealed a chequered effect, almost like a chessboard!

I snapped off a few pieces with varying amounts of milk, dark and white chocolate and took a bite. First I noticed the white chocolate; very milky and comforting, then the milk chocolate adding to the creaminess with a nice smooth cocoa flavour, with the dark chocolate finishing everything off with a richer cocoa hit. All the flavours work perfectly together, which surprised me as I thought this was just a gimmick initially. There's a nice balance of all the flavours and you get a good taste of each one.

Overall, this is a great bar of chocolate; if you can't decide what flavour to go for it covers all bases! I would buy this one again which isn't something I often find myself saying about Marks & Spencers chocolates!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Asda Giant Pinwheel Buttons

When I first read about these new Asda Giant Pinwheel Buttons on One Treats blog, they were something I really wanted to try. I was a big fan of the Caramac Giant Buttons that Nestle recently introduced, but these sounded even better...they consist of a mixture of white and milk chocolate buttons in a swirled effect, containing a centre of sticky caramel. They're somewhat similar to Cadbury Caramel Nibbles.

And they tasted a lot nicer than Cadbury Caramel Nibbles, despite being much cheaper - I paid only 80p for my bag! The chocolate is a lot creamier thanks to the addition of white chocolate, and doesn't have that weird waxy texture that Cadbury's chocolate now has. The addition of the caramel makes them very moreish, but also a little sickly if you eat too many. The caramel itself is runny and sweet, not the best quality in the world but about what you'd expect from a supermarket own brand really.

Overall, I have to say I'm impressed with these, they're a unique take on chocolate buttons and a bargain for the price. You'll definitely want to share them though, they're sugar overload!

RATING: 8 out of 10. 

Monday, 7 December 2015

Ombar Dairy Free Probiotic Vegan Raw Cacao Bars

Ombar recently contacted me about reviewing their Dairy Free Vegan Raw Cacao Bars, and since these are technically refined sugar free (they contain coconut sugar instead) I thought I'd give them a try. Not only do they contain coconut sugar, the "milk" varieties also contain coconut milk instead of dairy, making them dairy free and suitable for vegans. They also contain "live cultures", making them good for your tummy too!

I've actually reviewed Ombar before - I tried their Strawberry Mylk bar - but I was delighted at the chance to try the Coconut Milk and Lemon & Green Tea varieties, especially as these bars usually cost £2 each in my local health food store. They're definitely only an occasional indulgence, which chocolate should really be anyway (Who am I kidding?!)

I tried the Lemon & Green Tea variety first, which contained real lemon powder & oil, and matcha green tea powder. I wasn't sure what to expect from this bar but I loved it, in fact it was my favorite out of all three bars! The raw cacao and coconut sugar give a richer, earthier taste than regular chocolate, and this bar contained 60% cocoa solids. The lemon and green tea flavours work perfectly with it, it's fruity yet earthy and tangy, with the green tea giving a crisp finish. This is a lovely bar that would go perfectly as a dessert, and is surprisingly satisfying for such small bar. It won't make you want to inhale a huge slab in one sitting like the more unsubstantial chocolates out there! 9 out of 10

Next up I tried Coco Mylk, a bar containing 20% creamed coconut as well as coconut sugar, 55% cocoa solids, cacao butter and vegan cultures. This was a very creamy bar, more melt in the mouth and less rustic and earthy than the Green Tea bar. I guess it's supposed to be a dairy free version of milk chocolate, and to be honest it doesn't quite recreate the creamy flavour of dairy, but that doesn't matter because it's delicious in its own right. Creamy, rich and melt in the mouth. 8 out of 10.

Last but not least I tried the Strawberry Mylk that I've reviewed before, and it was just as tasty as I remember. The strawberry powder perfectly complimented the creamy rich chocolate to give a lovely fruity chocolatey taste that felt very indulgent. Definitely a highlight of the range! 9 out of 10.

Overall, if you're vegan, avoiding dairy or refined sugars and want something tasty with health credentials, then Ombars range is perfect for you. There's something for everyone here, from the sweeter creamier bars to the richer, earthier higher cocoa bars. Do check out their website http://www.ombar.co.uk

Friday, 4 December 2015

New Cadbury's Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut CHOPPED

I honestly wasn't going to bother reviewing this new Fruit & Nut Chopped bar from Cadbury when it initially came out, it's just Cadbury upto their usual tricks of giving you less product for the same price, but after reading One Treat's Review I decided it was my duty to inform everyone of just what Cadbury's are upto!


Unlike a regular 120g bar of Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut, this bar contains 95g but costs the same - £1. Opening the wrapper I could instantly see that although the bar looks longer, it's significantly flatter, more like a Milka bar than a Dairy Milk really! It's a shame Mondelez are determined to stamp out the traditional "chunky" style blocks we all used to know and love Dairy Milk for!

Snapping the bar in half I could see the chopped nuts and raisins (or "dried grapes" as Cadbury so enticingly call them on the ingredients list) dispersed throughout, and I must admit it looked like a nicely proportioned bar.

Taking a bite, it tasted ok, there's the familiar creamy Dairy Milk taste which is rather waxy since they changed the recipe, chewy raisins and crunchy bits of nut. Now to be honest due to the chopped nature of them I couldn't really taste much flavour, they could have been any nuts really, which is of course the problem when you change from whole nuts to chopped! It also means they're not as fresh since nuts easily oxidise and go rancid.

Overall, this is an ok bar of chocolate but it's far from a step up, it's exactly the opposite in fact and is totally uneccesary. No British person wants a chopped fruit and nut bar for heaven sake, there's literally no demand for it! So we can only conclude that Cadbury have done this, just like everything else they do nowadays, to cut costs, boost their profits and give the consumer less for their money. Bravo Cadbury, you win again. Don't buy this folks...

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

New Haagen Dazs Coffee Ice Cream

Morrisons recently had an offer on Haagen Dazs ice creams, they were just under £2 and at that price I really couldn't say no! I decided to try this new Coffee flavour, because what could be better than the combination of coffee and creamy ice cream?!

It contains all the usual classic Haagen Dazs ingredients; sugar, cream, condensed milk, eggs, as well as coffee powder.

I allowed mine to melt a bit before eating as I always find this the best way with ice cream...I can't stand it when it's frozen solid! The ice cream was lusciously creamy, as you would expect from Haagen Dazs, with the delicious added flavour of espresso coffee. Now this wasn't the strongest of flavours, it came off more like a good cappuccino than a strong coffee, but the creamy vanilla and coffee flavours blended together beautifully. If you're a coffee lover and an ice cream lover...this is one you simply have to try!

Overall, a fantastic new flavour from Haagen Dazs proving that simple is quite often best when it comes to ice cream (much as I love the added extras from brands like Ben and Jerry's!)

RATING: 8 out of 10.